This is the boat that my father came to Canada on in 1954

I was born on September 18th 1960 in Milton Ontario

My parents Manfred & Irma came to Canada from Germany in 1954 with my 1 year old Sister Regina.  My Father came to Canada with just the clothes on his back but was able to slowly work  a number of jobs to support my family including working as a plumber, running a radiator repair shop and driving dump truck.

Me & Norman Paulsen after fishing in the creek behind my house in Milton

Oh Dear! or is that Deer? that is me in the red sweater shorts and leggings!

You see!, We do live in igloos up here in Canada lol

But when the snow Melts we had to build a house out of sticks, hope the Big bad wolf does not blow it down (me with the wood in hand)

Helping mother with the gardening

My sister and I with some dude called Frosty

Yup... I am so old that Dinosaurs were still roaming the planet

They will give a drivers license to just about anybody

For future reference dad, when your dumping your load open the tail gate first

Mexico 1968, my dad put an engine from a Porsche into that VW Bus for the trip

Also in Mexico, this guy was my friend while I was there, lots of fun!

How many 8 year old's get their shoes shined in Mexico nowadays?

Am I running to or from something or someone?

Cutting the grass in Milton

Notice the T-Shirt, was from Montreal Expo 1967

Building another igloo with Regina my Sister

I was 5th from left top row

The Oldest picture of me, with my sister

This tractor was a favorite toy of mine

Sister Regina and Mom, Dad & me

Regina holding me

I think this was at Niagara Falls

Wonder if Sis still knows how to play?

Xmas that toy amused me


3 responses to this post.

  1. Love the old pictures! So cool that you even have one of the boat that brought your dad here! 🙂


  2. oh I love those old pictures (sorry for the “old” haha) keep posting more of them!!


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