Today I turn 50!

It has been  50 years today that I have been roaming the earth and to celebrate that fact I started a brand new blog today.

The reason for the blog is two fold, one I want to try to post at least 1 picture and or a short note every day for my entire 51st year starting today and also to document my life up until this point by breaking my life down in pictures and a few words by each of the decades that I have been lucky enough to live in.

This is a work in progress I will not get it done in a week or a month, but I do hope to have it finished by my 51st birthday. and then continue on of course.

So check back from time to time, and I will be posting updates for this blog on twitter and maybe facebook.

You may be wondering what I have planned for today….

Well family members are working, so today I am doing 2 racks of BBQ ribs which I will link to my BBQ blog for that when I write the post. I put them on the Grill at noon so they should be ready around 5 pm.

How better to celebrate a Birthday but with home cooked Ribs

My son is taking me to a movie after dinner and then I will drop by Herman’s house for our weekly Youth Pull Party (it is a tradition since 2003 for the online game that Herman, Bob and myself play.)

Then at 11 pm Eastern, my good  twitter friend Hanneke is throwing me a Birthday party at her virtual twitter bar called Tweers all the way over in the Netherlands. and I am hoping a bunch of my twitter friends will stop by the bar pull up a stool and raise a glass.

Wilfred Reinke


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Art lux on September 18, 2010 at 2:20 pm

    Happy birthday I turned 50 in March. Don’t forget about some of the fun procedures men should have when they turn 50. Have a great day and the BBQ looks deelicious!!!!!

    Art Lux @aachie35


  2. Happy 50th Wilfred. I look forward to another 50 years of great blog posts – better every year…


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