50+1 Visit to my birth home in Milton

Today I went to visit my parents in Kitchener, Ontario which is about a two hour drive west of my home in Oshawa. but on the way I decided to drive by the house that I lived in from birth in 1960 until we moved in 1975 to Mississauga.

This is me sitting in front of my house in Milton, The picture is from around 1968

The house in Milton where I grew up in as a child had a huge yard one acre in size that my parents bought in 1959 for the huge amount of $7,500 and their mortgage payment was $72.00 per month. (my how times have changed)

Since my father was a dump truck driver he needed a place to work on his truck so he built his own garage across from the house (and it was in that garage I had a near death experience.)

My father was working on his truck in the garage and left the engine running and went into the house, not knowing that I went back into the garage to cut a piece of wood with a hack saw, yeah I know wrong tool for the wrong job, but heck I was only around 8 years old at the time.

Anyways I remember feeling light-headed and believing I was Superman and was being exposed to Kryptonite, little did I know that I was being poisoned by carbon-dioxide. I woke up in the house being given oxygen and then a trip to Orangeville to get checked out.

This is a side view of the house looking from the garage the willow tree you see was the one planted when I was born, this picture is from around 1974 and standing by the door is my nephew Jason that is my sisters oldest child

Also at that house my father planted a willow tree which I played in many times, sadly that tree is now gone. A lot of things have changed on that property, My father sold the property but not before dividing the property and selling it to two different people.

The half that had the garage was bought by a man that tore down the garage and built a monster home in the back of that lot.

It was nice to see the old home where I grew up, after taking a few pictures I was approached by the owner of the monster home, and he seemed a little peeved that I was taking pictures of his home and asked me why I was doing so but after I told him I was only taking pictures of the house I grew up in he understood and we had a nice chat and I told him about some of the history of the property.

I spent the rest of the day visiting with my parents and we talked about the old house and some of the memories it gave us all.

This entire property was ours until dad separated it and the house on the right was built on the new lot

This is how the house looks today as you can see it has been upgraded a lot with new siding, an attached garage and new windows


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