50+2 I went to a Chiropractor and I think someone may need one

For the past couple of months I have been going to Clark Family Chiropractic in Newcastle, Ontario. Dr. John Clark is a master at his craft, my upper back and left shoulder along with my neck had been bothering me a lot for about a week before I visited him for the first time and it was not getting better but after one treatments I saw a huge improvement.

My friend Herman was the one that suggested Dr. Clark, Herman had mentioned to me that he thought that my posture was off, that my left shoulder was a lot higher than the right.

I was waking up every morning in pain in my shoulder blade and mid back, and Herman had been getting Chiro done on his back with a lot of success. I was thinking that my mattress was the problem but decided to give Dr. Clark a try. as I mentioned after the first session I saw a huge relief, and since then I went 3 times a week for a couple of weeks and then I dropped it to twice a week for a week and now I am too a point that i will be going once every three weeks or even once a month just for maintenance.

Today was my day to be maintained, The picture may look a little odd but trust me that his bending and twisting at certain pressure points does work at realigning my spine.

Did you know that when a Chiropractor “cracks” you neck it is not bones cracking but rather it is the sound of Nitrogen gas escaping?

My posture is now a lot better and I feel so much better about myself and I feel like I have extra jump in my step.

An accident at the corner of Wentworth and Cedar in Oshawa

After my appointment, I needed to go to the 7/11 to mail out some truck magnets that I made for Baxter’s Originals Smoking Woods. I had designed their new logo and have done the Printing of Business Cards and the Magnets to go on the doors of Baxter’s trucks.

As I pulled up at the corner I saw that an accident had occurred just minutes before.

Emergency vehicles arrived just as I did and I do not think anyone was seriously hurt but after that impact, one of those involved may need the help of someone like Dr. Clark


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  1. […] Today I had my what is now a once monthly visit to my Chiropractor, I must say that starting to go to see him a couple months back was a well worth my while  since I feel much better than I have in a year or two. If you do not know the story of my back you can read it here. […]


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