50+4 This is a Sweet Life, after 50 years I add some spice into it.

Today was clean out the garage kind of day, which I had been putting off for too long.

Was able to tear down some rickety old shelving and put up some solid wood shelving with some 2 x 10’s that I had left over from an earlier project.

Lunch time!

After starting this project I took a break to make some lunch, today I felt like Nachos, but I wanted to spice it up a notch so instead of just Cheese and Salsa and heated in the Microwave, I added some real heat!

Up until about a year ago the only condiments to meat my food would be Ketchup, Relish and maybe some Mustard I liked my food pretty basic.

But since getting more into doing cooking and trying new dishes that I had not done before I have been a lot braver (Do I get a medal for this?)

I will share more about this meal with you on my other Blog, (Here is a link to that post) but in a nutshell I browned up some ground beef with a few other ingrediants and added some Sweet Life Screamin’ Peaches Hot sauce to the Nachos.

I have to tell ya, I used to be afraid of hot sauce but I am starting to acquire a taste for it and this Screamin’ Peaches is wonderful.

All in all a productive day today.


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