50+5 =19? no but 19 cents is what this day was about

One thing I am finding in doing this daily blog is that every day I have been able to find a subject for the post and some are very unexpected.

bulk barn store Park Road and King Street in Oshawa, Ontario Canada

Today is one of those days. I had to take a run out to the grocery store to pick up some odds and ends that I need for recipes I will be attempting on Friday, One of my favorite stores to go to is bulk barn which is a Canadian chain that sells spices, powders, mixes, candies etc. all in bulk where you bag your own.

After walking through the store and finding everything I needed I made my way over to the check-out line and in front of me was a senior citizen that had a small bag of pepper corns. The cashier was trying to weigh the pepper corns 9most things in bulk barn are sold by the pound, but the electronic scale was having a meltdown and would not read the weight, so another cashier suggested she could help us at another till.

Cashier Briar Busby, who made my day.

Cashier Briar Busby... made my day

So we made our way over to the till where friendly Cashier Briar Busby weighed the lovely old ladies peppercorns which came out to a grand total of $0.19 as the senior looked through her wallet for money she only had a 10 dollar bill.

Briar smiling the whole time to the nice lady “I have some change in my pocket let me pay it for you” and pulled out 2 dimes from her pocket, finished the transaction, gave the lady her pepper corns, the receipt and even the penny change!

Mz. Busby explained to her customer that she wanted to do it as it made herself smile and it was a nice  thing to do. The Senior had a smile on her face as well and thanked the cashier for her generosity to which Briar replied that it was her pleasure and it made her day.

I then completed my purchase all the time thinking how nice that was to witness. I made my way to my car and sat in it for a moment and thought that this should be my blog post for today, grabbed my camera and went back into the store standing back in line at Briar’s check-out.

Briar looked at me a little puzzled and asked me ” Did I do something wrong?”, to which I replied “No I actually you did something right!”

I explained that I was a blog writer and I would like to post her story that I had witnessed. Without hesitation Briar said yes that would be fine and agreed to let me take her picture and use her name.

Briar Busby’s small act of kindness had enriched the day of the nice lady, herself , co workers and this blog writer.

I hope that the manager of that bulk barn knows that they have a great person working for bulk barn, it is this type of customer service is what will bring back customers again and again. A tip of the hat to you Briar Busby!


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Art lux on September 23, 2010 at 8:49 pm

    Great story it seems to be very rare these days to get good customer service.


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