50+7 Sorry… but I can not climb that ladder

My home since 1992

The non-perfect Storm

A couple of days ago we had a pretty intense storm drive through Oshawa with high winds and a whole lotta rain in a short time. I happened to be still awake at 3am and when I looked out the window my street had turned into a fast running creek.

The next morning we has some small puddles of water on my stairs going to the top floor, we had this happen before and the cause was our chimney that the bricks and mortar had some issues resulting in water getting in from that point. We had a roofing company come in and repaired the chimney. We had the roof re-shingled after a storm tore off a bunch of shingles about 6 years ago as well.

Because the rain this time was coming at the house sideways I had a feeling that our windows may be the culprit. Our house is a war time house that was built in the 1940’s which we bought in May of 1992 in a Power of Sale, The house needed a lot of TLC but it was our first house that we purchased after renting since getting married in 1981.

A. Smith's Roofing of Oshawa inspecting our roof

We had the company that fixed our chimney (A. Smith’s Roofing out of Oshawa 905-571-5042) come back today to have a look and the chimney and roof looks ok, but it is their opinion that the flat part of the roof should be redone as under the shingles there is only 1 run of tar paper and they believe the entire flat portion of the roof should have it., they quoted $400 for the work. Which we will decide on our plan of action in the coming days, Since my son works for a Roofing Supply Company he may be able to arrange a better deal.

This is how my ladder was before I fell

In the mean time I need to re-chalk the windows and I am fine with the main floor but there is no way in hell that I will be going up a ladder to do the 2nd floor.

Slip Sliding Away…

About 5 years ago, I needed to fix one of my gutters that had separated at a seam and I put up my ladder as you can see in this re-enactment.

Keep in mind that this was in winter and we had had some thawing going on at the time.

Side of the house scraped by the ladder

I climbed about 7 rungs and all of a sudden the feet of the ladder slid out from under me due to the slush and ice that was on the ground. As you can see in this close up of the side of the house the ladder scraped the siding on the way down. But that was not the full extent of the damage.

I of course did a face-plant to the concrete below and I was in terrible pain, somehow I was able to pull myself off the ground and I knew that I had separated my left shoulder and hurt my ribs on the right side. Into the house I went and an Ambulance was called. Doctors told me that I would of been better off breaking my arm since the recovery from this would be long, it took 5 doctors and nurses to straddle me and pop my shoulder back into place, luckily they knocked me out before doing that.

The Ribs were only bruised but I had my arm in a sling for a few weeks and many sessions of therapy followed. I was lucky enough that I did not need to go under the knife.

Ever since that day I have not been able to climb a ladders so now if there is a job to be done with height, I either call in professionals or one my sons give me a hand.

Today is one of those days as my son will be coming over to do the chalking around the windows for me and I will hold the ladder but not stepping foot on to it.


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