50+8 Ok now what the hell was I thinking

Today I decided to take my grandson and drive one and a half hours west to my home town of Milton again but this time to go to the 2010 Milton Fall Fair. I have not been to the Milton Fair grounds in at least 10 years I would say.

I went to this school for Grades 6,7 & 8 in the mid 70's

Above is a picture my grandson took of me on the steps of the school that I had not set foot on since 1975 and all is still as I remember of it.

and below is a class picture from Grade 8.

Green shirt top row = me.....Grade 8 Martin Street Middle School, Milton Ontario Canada

Mr. Logan was a very cool teacher back in the day, but not many would think so with the fashions he wore.

That is enough of a History lesson for today. Now on to my stupidity…..

My grandson had a blast at the fair and he wanted to go on some rides on the midway and he has never had the guts to ride on a Ferris Wheel  before and I thought ok I will go on that with you, it is a slow ride that just goes in a circle and I also thought I could film some nice shots of the fairgrounds from up there. so on we get….

As soon as we start moving I think this was a bad mistake on my part., if you look at 50+7 post from yesterday I talked about how I can no longer climb a ladder due to my accident a few years back. Well when the seat on the Ferris Wheel started rocking I was petrified, I even asked my grandson that is 9 not to lean back or forward as when he did it felt like the seat was going to toss me out on to the ground below. Most of you no doubt think I am a coward  but this really did freak me out.

However I decide to just concentrate on taking pictures and videos and I got through the 5 or so minutes of the ride and I did get some nice pics and vids

But once my feet were once again planted firmly on Terra-fir-ma (the ground) I was ever so relieved.

For more of the Milton Fair I will be posting a blog post at Oshawa Ogre’s Views, News & BBQ’s in the next few days, as I have to sort through a lot of pics, and vids and write an extensive review.


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