50+12 The Flintstones turn 50 today – So I grew up in the stone age!

When I was growing up the Flintstones was a show that I watched all the time.

Hearing today that Fred, Wilma, Barney, Betty and the rest of the gang have turned 50, just 12 days after I did the same trick, caught me a bit off guard.

As a kid I enjoyed watching them on TV but it was not until I was older and watching reruns that I realized that The Flintstones were really a cartoon for adults, most of the one liners in the show would only be understood by older people.

A few fun facts about the Flintstones…..

Happy Birthday Fred Flintstone, 50 years is quite the accomplishment, I know!

Let’s have a drink to celebrate, I will have mine on the Rocks!


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