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50+41 End of the week thoughts

Congrats go to my son Alex for getting accepted into two colleges that want to teach him to be a paramedic. Daddy is proud of the the way that he has turned his life around in the past couple of years, living up to his responsibilities and bettering him self. It is tough to basically start an education at age 26 but with his determination and the support that he has , he will succeed.

Sadness when young people leave us too early as in the case of things such as unnecessary violence or bullying and car accidents, the past while I have read just too much about these types of deaths.

Proud of the way that my favorite sports team the Toronto Maple Leafs are playing this season, things are looking up and I really like seeing a Leafs team with so much youth and speed.

Surprised how so dominating the San Fransisco Giants are over the Texas Rangers.

Shock that a young mother shook her baby to death just because it was crying while she was trying to play Farmville on Facebook, she will spend the next 20 years or so regretting that moment of insanity!
Heard what I think is one of the greatest quotes this week by Pinball Clemmons when he spoke about the people in Africa he is trying to help “Those with less smile more, while those with more smile less” makes you want to appreciate what you have in life doesn’t it?

Thinking of Ally Benedet as she and mom Susan continue to stay in Toronto’s Sick kids hospital just wanting to get better and go home!

Wishing that January would hurry up and get here so that I can be on my trip down south.


50+40 Almost struck out

My post is a couple of hours late so the date does not match, oh well, my record here on the blog was not flawless anyways.

My daughters car has a problem….

Her 97 Grand Prix drivers side window goes down, but you really have to fight with it to get the darn thing back up again.

Press the up button it may come up an inch and then nothing. Press it a couple of hundred times and then maybe after 5 or 10 minutes it gets back up, any other window in the car who cares live with it, but when she goes to Tim Hortons Drive-thrus every day it can get very annoying, not to mention that the AC does not work either so she needs to put down the windows.

From what I can tell it must be the switch that is the culprit. So today I went ot the local Autowreckers here in Oshawa and checked out about 5 cars and each of them had the window switch assembly taken out.


The off to Newcastle about 20 minutes away and a much bigger yard and again every car like hers about 20 of them had the part removed, Time spent about 2 hours (they had one car with it but the insurance car had not released it and they would not let me get the part, said come back in 3 weeks!… No!


Then at 5 pm I enter Cowanville Wreckers as they were closing, the owner said go have a look I should have one, checked 4 more cars all missing the part


Wait a second Owner says did you check the grey one? I said I did not see a grey one, he takes me to a different spot and low and behold….

$34.00 and I have the part, so Saturday I will put it in and see if it works….. It better.

Edit……. Put it in Saturday and yes it works!

50+39 Halloween is around the corner a look back at my memories

Halloween is a day that every kid looks forward to once the Canadian Thanksgiving has past.

Growing up in Milton Ontario I can also remember some great times on that night.

My Grade 1&2 teacher in Bruce Street Public school was Mrs. Babcock It was a great old school that was torn down in 1973 to make room for the Milton Public Library.

Mrs. Babcocks class, I am top row center

Mrs. Babcock made the most wonderful homemade suckers ever! and we always made sure that we would stop by her house on Halloween. She was the greatest teacher I ever had, and would know her students even 10 years late.  A wonderful lady.

There was another house that the lady there would hand out cans of pop, and 3 or 4 of us would get together every year and we would knock on her door and get a pop say thanks, walk around the corner and pull another costume out of our bags and go back for a second can, and then we would mix & match our costumes and go for a third! And then go back to Mrs. Babcocks hose for more suckers.

Back then cans of pop were like hitting the mother load.

But for me Halloween was not always about candy for me.

For instance I remember one year in the early 70’s that there was a Leaf game on that night and I rushed home after a quick trick or treat around the block and watched the Leafs and North Stars tie 0-0 in a great game.

Do not ask me why I remember that of all things, maybe it is because in the 70’s a 0-0 tie was a very rare score for a hockey game.

Another year I went to a Hamilton Fincups Junior A hockey game which was one step below the pros.

Hamilton was  about a 45 minute drive, and I can not remember how I got there, maybe my sister drove me, as I know that my father would never of taken me since he hates sports with as much passion as I liked it!

I do know that it was an exciting trip for me, the Ficups only had a team for 4 years 74-77 I think and they wore sweaters similar to the Detroit Redwings.

And in 74 I took my 4 year old nephew Jason out for Halloween (I was 14 then) and first we went to the house across the street from me and took a pic of him with their kids (My nephew was a hobo holding the big pillow case front and center)

And then while out we met up with Lynda who at the time I must admit I had a huge crush on and we walked together while the younger kids did their thing., but alas the next year I moved away to Mississauga and was not able to continue the friendship. I have to say I was just a little heartbroken then.

You may think I took that picture in a grave yard but actually it is a store that sells gravestones.

Though the Milton Cemetery is also close to there  and as kids we always cut through the Cemetery to get to down town Milton faster from my house.

I had a Mustang bike similar to this

Also another year on Halloween we were riding our bikes through the Cemetery at night and when I stood up the banana seat came off my Mustang Bike (remember those?  and the bar on the back dragged on the ground which to me sounded like ghosts dragging chains on the gound do I peddled so fast to get out of there!. And it did not feel to good when I sat down either.

50+38 Congrats Rob Ford – New Mayor of Toronto – Daddy would be proud

In the Late 70’s I worked for Deco Labels and Tags in Rexdale Ontario now part of Toronto, as a pressman on a Label Printing Press.

Starting in 1977  at the at the time minimum wage of $3.00 an hour I worked on the 3rd largest pres out of about 20 presses producing quality 4 colour labels.I left the job 3 years later having received 3 pay raises (one each year) making …. wait for it…$3.75 an hour!

Do not get me wrong I really enjoyed working there the people were fantastic and the owner at the time was Doug Ford, I can still picture him with his big thick Fur coats and his big car, a Lincoln Town car if I remember correctly.

He kind of reminded me of Harold Ballard who owned the Toronto Maple Leafs at the time. Doug never did pay any of his employees real well when I was there, but he still had a heart of gold. I also had good times with Doug’s son Randy, he was a fun guy, you could compare Randy to Mikey on American Chopper even with the long hair at the time hehe.

I recall one time in particular that we had a back log of Printing orders so 2 other pressmen (one was the owners daughter Kathy’s boyfriend at the time) and myself finished our Friday afternoon shift at Deco left at midnight and when our supervisor was gone we returned via a side door that we left unlocked and stayed the entire week-end finishing every job that was in the dockets plus we painted the washrooms that were disgusting and cleaned the entire shop. Plus I brought in my 12″ black & white TV and watched the Leaf game Saturday night (I try to never miss a game)

We left 3o minutes before the day shift arrived Monday morning and walked into the shop with them to see their expressions.

needless to say they were shocked, but we did get in trouble because now the day shift had nothing to do. But it was so worth it.

Doug passed away in 2006 at 73 years of age

So what does all this have to do with the title of this post?

Well last night Doug Ford’s son Rob was elected mayor of the city of Toronto and he has vowed to cut out all needless spending by the city, as a city councilor rob never used the budget money for his office to go on trips or any other thing that most politicians waste money on so I believe him.

I know that in an article I read Rob said that his father taught him the value of a dollar, and I know first hand that lesson, remember I worked 3 years and was getting $3.75 an hour? So I have no doubt that Rob will succeed as Mayor of Toronto, and looking down in approval will be Doug Ford Sr.

Edit, I was driving by Deco on Saturday so I stopped to take a couple of pics how it looks now, and I noticed they took over the building to the left and also built an addition onto the back of the building I worked in I believe that is Randy’s SUV in front since Rob drives a minivan, according to the papers.

And looking at the rusting old machines that were in behind the building I just have to wonder if any of them were the great old machines that we used back in the late 70’s

50+37 Dreaming of the city of Palms

Feeling a little down today, so Daydreaming a little.

My parents left for Florida a week ago for their annual snowbird 6 month stay in sunny North Fort Myers Beach. I was there last March for a week and the past 2 trips I took were by way of the bird but in January I am going to go back to the way I enjoy best and that is packing up the car and driving, It takes about 26 hours of driving to go from Oshawa to Fort Myers but I think I will split it into a 3 day drive. I hope to be able to find a couple of great BBQ joints to visit along the way.

Now excuse me while I get back to my Daydreaming… Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

50+36 Multiple Birthday Celebrations

Today is a Day that I am worn out, why you may ask?

This week-end has included Birthdays and Parties and not to mention trying to get some work done for a customer that I need to deliver on Monday morning.

Today three people that I am close to for different reasons are celebrating birthdays today, and I would like to take a minute to wish all of them a Happy Birthday and tell you all a bit about them.

Andrew Kevin Lang

Andrew is my daughters boyfriend, he is a very tall boy that has to duck in order to go through a lot of doorways and because of his height he has trouble finding a vehicle that he can drive without banging his knees on the dash board.

The last car that he was able to drive was a 1987 Honda Civic 2 door. He enjoys most of my BBQ recipes that I attempt, which makes him ok in my books.

He is adored by my Grandson and he also likes to play a game that I also play and have since 2003. Happy 24th Birthday Andrew!

Joe Simeunovich

Joe has been a friend of min since the early 1980’s I met Joe when he was a customer of mine when I joined the paper Shoppe and I sold paper and Graphic Arts Supplies to his company Joe S. Printing here in Oshawa, Joe just turned 50 years old today so as you can see Joe and I are the same age.

Joe also shares my passion for BBQ and he joins me on many of my trips to various RibFests in Ontario.

No one else would understand it but we both laugh anytime one of us says to the other “Skeeeee Dooooo Boots”

Cyndi Allison

Cyndi lives in the far far away land that is known as North Carolina and you may wonder why I would add some one that is so far from here in Oshawa.

When I started blog writing earlier this year and became more serious about the fun hobby of Barbecue, I learned a lot of tips about both skills by following the writings of this wonderful person.

Cyndi has been an online writer for more than 10 years producing work for a number of websites doing contract work for others and also managing her own website Yes! You can Cook and also a Blog called the Barbecue Master. I have learned some valuable skills by reading her work and testing some of her Southern based recipes such as her Southern Rhubarb Bread Recipe – Mountain Style and Bisquick Sausage Balls Recipe among others which I have found on her website or she has sent me a link for.

The now 49 year old Cyndi is a mother of 2 wonderful boys Caleb and Eli that would make any parent proud just recently Eli was presented with a number of awards for saving a boy from certain demise from a swollen fast moving river sacrificing his own safety to help his fellow man.

Cyndi has taught me a lot about writing and food prep not to mention also being a good friend on twitter and facebook.

When not involved with on-line writing Cyndi is a professor at Catawba College molding the youth in North Carolina in media.


I should also mention one more person that had a birthday the day before on Saturday but I have to make mention of this now 15 year old Girl that has inspired so many people while she battles IBD.

Alyssa Benedet

Ally as she is called by all of her family and friends has been spending a ton of time in Hospitals of late battling her disease. She is currently in Toronto’s Sick Kids Hospital with her amazing mother Susan Oliver Benedet that stays by her daughters side through every treatment 24/7.

Saturday was Ally’s 15th Birthday and Sick Kids was kind enough to let Ally go home on a 4 hour day pass to celebrate her Birthday with family and friends in her own home, I would think that was the biggest gift of the day to be sure. If you have a facebook account please take a moment to join Ally’s Prayer page linked here and offer her a few words of encouragement  or even a riddle or brainteaser for her to try to solve, her family would be very happy to hear from y’all.

To all four of my friends I offer the best of birthday greetings and hope that all of your wishes come true.

50+35 Party with the Horn Dawgs

Today I was honoured to be asked by Donna and Rob Butler of the Horn Dawgs Smokin’ BBQ team to be included in their 1st annual Horn Dawgs Staff party held in their lovely home in Oshawa, Ontario.

I was not part of the staff though Rob mentioned tonight that I was around enough during the summer at various Rib-Fests in and around Southern Ontario that I may as well been.

For the purpose of my blog Oshawa Ogre’s Views, News & BBQ’s and also for my articles in the Examiner as Toronto Barbecue reporter I followed the season that the Horn Dawgs had as Ribbers in their second season participating on the tour.

I had a great time at the party and the food was wonderful and getting to meet the families of the team meant for a fantastic day, except that Robs son James may of broke a toe or at least dislocated it, but with a little gentle persuasion  I think it popped back into place.

Even though I had my camera today I did not want to act as a reporter today, but instead just spend an afternoon and part of the evening with some friends and that is what it was. A lot of laughs were shared, music played and food and drink consumed.

I did take one picture however of Donna and Rob holding their 1st place sauce trophy from The largest RibFest held in Canada in Burlington earlier this summer (the original one that will stay on the fireplace mantle which will not go on tour), They are very proud of this trophy as they are with the hand made 1st place ribbon that you can see behind Rob’s head which was for their 1st place finish at the Uxbridge 2009 RibFest show present by the Car show which had their own judging, it is a beautiful ribbon.

Thank-you Rob and Donna, I appreciate your friendship that we have developed over the summer of 2010 and look forward to it continuing for years to follow.