50+16 Help me win a lifetime of trips to Mexico – Vote for my pic! and a look at 1968

iTravel2000 is running a contest where they have people submit pictures from being in Mexico and the persons picture that receives the most votes will win travel to Mexico for their lifetime.

so I submitted the picture you see on the left, please take a moment to vote for it at this link, it only takes a moment and by voting you will also receive a chance to win $1000. in iTravel2000 travel certificates.

My trip to Mexico in 1968…

I was 8 years old and this was our family’s first big trip, My parents took my sister and I out of school to visit not just Mexico but also the United States of America along the way.

Specifically for the trip my father bought a VW van to drive down there in  but first he made some adjustments so that it could handle the long trip which would include a lot of Mountains including taking out the Volkswagen engine and replacing it with a Porsche engine, that gave the van a lot of extra power!.

Being only 8 at at the time I only remember bits and pieces, next time I visit my parents and my sister (which should be for Thanksgiving October 11th here in Canada) I will see if I can find out some more about the trip.

In the meantime I will list a few things I do remember…

  • Saw the Grand Canyon
  • Went to Las Vegas and my sister won a whole bag of nickles in a slot machine
  • Transmission problems while driving through the mountains
  • Cactus needles in my feet….Ouch!
  • Made a friend in Mexico, see above pic, and though we did not speak the same language we had a blast together
  • Went to to a NASA tour and saw the Lunar Module and Land Rover before it went to moon
  • Went to a live taping of the Red Skelton show

Red Skelton was a classic entertainer and one thing I always liked about him is that he never used bad language in his act, a true family entertainer. You can see some clips from that time period here.

When we arrived at the studio for the show, there was a sign that read no children under the age of 10 allowed, so when asked my dad said I was 12 my mom said I was 10 and I said no I am 8!, Security thought it was so funny they let us in anyways.

Before the show the announcer says to us all in the audience to feel free to laugh at anything that we find funny.

there was one thing I saw or heard during the show that I thought was funny so I laughed out loud.

Only problem was I was the only person in the studio that thought so, everyone turned to look at me including the orchestra and Red him self.

Weeks late when we got home the episode we went to was on TV so I listened for my laugh but I guess they edited that out.

And as for NASA at the tour they explained to us that they were going to take a car to the moon (Land Rover) and no one believed me when we came home until it happened!, I think that the ones we saw were replicas of course but still a very cool tour at the time.

Here are some more pictures from that trip…

I need to see if my parents have any more photos than that.


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