50+17 Susan and Ally Benedet Inspirational Mother and Daughter

Today I want to tell you about a family that I have never met, at least in person. But yet I feel I know them personally.

When my long time accountant Mark Hendrikx was in hospital recently losing a battle with Brain Stem Cancer I went to visit him and his loving wife Martha at Lakeridge Bowmanville Hospital and sat with Martha and Mark and one of Martha’s friends Susan and we all talked for a half hour or so. It was a tough visit for me because I knew I was saying goodbye to a great man that was both my accountant and a customer  but also a friend maybe not a close friend but a friend non the less.

Mark passed on a couple of days later and I know that Martha and their 5 children miss Mark greatly as does the rest of the Newcastle and Clarington community.

Martha had been keeping all of us up to date on Mark’s condition on Facebook  so I frequently checked his status. I saw a post by a Susan and thought it would of been the Susan I had met briefly in Marks hospital room so I sent a quick message saying hi, only to find out it was not the Susan that I had met but Susan Oliver Benedet, but she also knew the Hendrikx family so we sent a couple of messages back and forth talking about Mark and Martha,

I then found out that Susan was the Editor/Publisher of Life in Clarington Magazine and since I have been in the Graphic arts trade my self for more than 30 years I was interested in the magazine that Susan produced and we have chatted a few times about the magazine.

Then one day I see a post that Susan’s 15 year old daughter Ally was in hospital having flare ups of IBD which had become an all to common thing  for Ally to do.

Every time that Ally had been back to hospital for either surgery or IV treatments Mom was with her daughter every minute of every day right by Ally’s side. A good friend of the family started a Prayer for Ally Facebook Page  so that the Benedet’s would not be alone in their fight.

You would think that Ally’s treatment would be  such a distraction and hardship on the family and I am sure it is those things, but what I see is a Woman’s huge love for her daughter and the willingness to put everything aside to take care of her. When told by others on Facebook how amazing of a mother Susan is, she says that it is Ally that is truly amazing.

Ally is back in Hospital again today and in the last month or so has had many visits  there and as I said earlier Susan stays by her daughters side every step of the way. Susan said to me yesterday that it was very tough and when they get to bring Ally home she has only spent a few days there and then the IBD flares up once again sending them back to the ER. Which is starting to make home not be a place to live but something they only get to visit. which brought a tear to my eye.

Both Ally and her Mom Susan are amazing in my view, I wish them the very best in getting Ally healthy enough to go home and lead as normal a life as is possible .


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Neal Pedder on October 5, 2010 at 1:15 pm

    Wilfred thank you for this post for my friend. They are true inspirations, and do not deserve all this hardship.
    Thank you.


  2. Posted by Tammy on October 5, 2010 at 2:34 pm

    Hello – this is a lovley post – Susan is a remarkable woman and an incredible Mother – I am so humbled by her yet honoured to call her my friend.


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