50+18 Yesterdays post struck a cord with many – Also Applewood Hills

I have to thank all of you for dropping by to look my piece about Susan and Ally yesterday.

Having a look at my site stats the visits more than doubled any other previous days visits.

Now to be clear here, I did not write that piece for the purpose of getting hits to my blog as really on this blog, visits are only important if the visitor has interest in the content, My Views, News & BBQ’s Blog where I do Reviews and Promotions of products and events does bring in a very very small amount of income but even there I do the writing because I have a passion for it and also a passion for BBQ .

What I love most about my hobby is the interaction with many people that have some similar interests to mine whether it is people like Susan and Ally whom I have never met even though they live no more than 10 miles away and are even now in my local hospital. A BBQ blog writer in North Carolina, or a receptionist in the Netherlands, A sauce maker in the deep south or a guy that chops up wood and sells the chunks to BBQ’ers.

All of these people are interesting and they are from different walks in life. All of us have our good days and bad days but one constant is that the community will pull together and support each other  both through hardships and happiness.

Back to Susan and Ally for a moment, since a link to my blog was posted on their Facebook page a large number of those hits would of come from their friends and that goes to show that there are many many people that support them every single day and you can see that in the postings that they have. But also that post of mine touched others as well such as the receptionist in Holland and some of my BBQ friends in the United States.

One thing that I failed to mention about Susan yesterday was that it is not all about her and Ally. Susan also has a son Jake and a husband Dave that also would need to be admired, Jake whom has also had his share of health issues, had a birthday recently while Ally was in Hospital and Susan was only able to spend a few hours celebrating with her son and It would be my guess that her husband has to take care of the home and everything else while Susan stays by Ally’s side during treatments. This has to be ever so difficult to handle both the stress of the situations and the financial hardships that go with the effects of IBD but I see the strength that Susan demonstrates though it all and can not help but be inspired and humbled.

This family pic I saw on Susan’s Facebook page was taken in August and it hit home a little for me when I read some of the comments for the pic. When others commented how  happy and great they look together Susan replied “It was really nice to have a day where everyone was “ok”…. its honestly been years since we have had the pleasure… so, yah, I was happy for sure! 🙂

After that how can you not help but  feel some compassion and a little bit of heartache for their situation.

Back to my day…

Yesterday I had to do a Service call on a Laser Printer for a design company in Mississauga which is West of Toronto.

For those of you that do not know my “Real Job” is Oshawa Laser Supply which is my own company and Oshawa Laser sells Paper to commercial Printers along with Photo paper wholesale and I also sell and service Computers and Printers both new and used.

After the service call I thought it would be cool to visit my old neighbourhood in Applewood Hills which is in the Bloor & Dixie Road area of Mississauga and since I had my camera with me I took a couple of current shots of the 2 buildings that I lived in from 1975 to 1981

This is the building that I first lived in for about a year or two while the Condo that my Parents bought was being erected

1055 Bloor Street E. Mississauga

I lived near the center of the building on the 15th Floor and I fondly remember as a 15 year old dropping Water Balloons filled with dish soap into the water fountain below and watching it foam up. There is also an indoor pool on the first floor and people would sunbathe just outside beside the pool and one time I threw a water balloon down that startled a woman that sat up quickly with little regard for the fact that she had undone her bikini top in order to get an even tan. 🙂 Hey i was 15 what do you expect of me?

There was a Billiards room in the basement of the building and many of the residents were retired and I spent many many days and nights in that pool room playing Snooker with the old men, they were great times for a 15 year old kid and I do not think many teenagers could say they enjoyed spending free time with retired men but it taught me a lot about respecting my elders but also having a good time .

Also in behind the building is Applewood Hills Plaza which I had mentioned  in this post 50+9 where I worked for Marconi Pizza as a Delivery guy and I first formed an interest in Graphic arts at Applewood Printers, both businesses were side by side at the side of the plaza away from the storefronts.

Applewood Printers and the owner circa 1975


The Print shop and Marconi Pizza are both long gone and as a matter of fact the doors and windows to both businesses were filled in and now is part of a dental clinic that enters from the front of the plaza, so yes a lot of things change in 30 years, but driving through the area I also saw a lot of very familiar landmarks that have not changed at all.

This was the Condo which was just up the street as it was being built in 1975


1300 Bloor Street Mississauga

And how it looks today, this was a wonderful place to live, mind you I think my parents knew that it would not be long before I was going to be out on my own since the Condo was a 1 bedroom Condominium. for sleeping arrangements I had the bedroom and my parents  had a round foam bed in the the large living room area . Also the top 2 floors were Penthouses and also a Gym and Swimming pool, that was so fancy at the time, and probably still is  the building and grounds still look immaculate today.

After walking down memory lane I got back into my car and drove home, and it had started to rain and get dark as well. Having my camera handy, I secured it to the dash of my car and filmed part of the drive through Pickering, Whitby and into Oshawa with appropriate music playing on the car stereo, come join me for the drive…

Click here to see the video

Click on the picture to see the video


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