50+19 What is wrong with people? What ever happened to Common Sense?

Ok a few things have had me shaking my head the last couple of days.

On Facebook we have that easy little button called the “like” button so that we can quickly tell some one, that is great or we are happy about what you have posted.

But come on people use your heads there are some time that you just do not click that button, a perfect example is this that I saw yesterday…


Last names blocked out to protect the innocent (and the stupid)


Also from yesterday, There was a new Grocery store chain that recently opened here in my area called Freshco they had taken over the Price Chopper stores and mostly transformed while staying open for business except for 5 days.

We have two of these Freshco stores here in Oshawa not far from my house. I went to store “A” on King Street the other day and bought a bunch of items, i was impressed with the layout of the store and the pricing was excellent. Once I got home and putting away the groceries I saw that I did not need to get the jar of honey as there was still a full one in the cupboard so I stuck the honey and receipt back in the bag and threw it in the car to bring back later.

Yesterday I was out running errands and drove by store “B” on Wentworth  and thought, great i run in here quick return the honey and pick up a few cases of water. That was at 3:55pm. I went in walked right up to a cashier that had no one in line and asked if I could return the honey (un opened) and buy 3 cases of water, the cashier was un-sure of the procedure for this and called for a floor manager after waiting a few minutes (it turned out that she was in the washroom) she came over and also did not know, and took my receipt and went into the managers office, 8 minutes later! She comes out to say “He is on the phone I am waiting to speak to him”

She goes back in and comes back out a couple of minutes later she finally comes over to say normally we do not accept returns for product bought at the other stores because we are independently owned but this time we will.

Well thank-you very much, I completed the transaction (and by the way the cashier was very nice throughout and said sorry a number of times for the delay) and looked at the time to find that I was in the store over 20 minutes to return a $3.99 jar of honey.

I only went in to that store because it was on my way home and had not planned on going to the other side of town to where I bought it. but I could of drove there and back 4 times.

Now come to think of it the amount of time I took to tell you this story and the time you took in reading it also seems dumb for a $3.99 jar of honey but it is the principle that is involved here.

Earlier I mentioned Honey and a Cupboard, which reminds me of a very good BBQ video by my friend HankBobBBQ where he had a problem with his cupboard door while filming his how to video, I think he could of used some honey about then or at least something sticky like Duct Tape.

Have a look for yourself here <———– Click there you will laugh, I promise you


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