50+20 Road trip, Ontario is so pretty this time of year

On Hwy 401 East of Oshawa

Today I had to drive east to Trenton Ontario to pick up load of paper for my business,

In doing so I took in some of the sights while driving.

One place I drive by every time (but have never stopped) when I go on this paper run or to go visit my in-laws is the Big Apple which is a cross between a tourist trap for souvenirs or a rest stop on a long drive, a petting zoo, or a place that you can by Apple Pies that they sell by the millions. They have a huge sign that you can see from the highway that has the current # of pies sold to date which right now stands at 3, 414,760 pies. Today I stopped…

Yes this fake apple is huge and can be seen for miles

Some various pics showing a neat sign post outside the gift shop and some shots inside where you can watch them make pies

Ok that last pic? in the gift shoppe they sell cast iron Pots & Pans and their sticker prices are over $100.00 !

Too rich for my blood, Last year when I went to visit my folks in Florida I picked up some used 12 inch Cast Iron Skillets and a Cast Iron Pot and Lid at a flea market for $10.00 each, nice old ones! and some new 6 inch skillets that i picked up for around the same price, much rather go that route!

Inside the gift shop in the Big Apple

With it being close to Thanksgiving here in Canada (this week-end) and Halloween at the end of the month, there are a lot of the themed stands popping up on the side roads like these.




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