50+22 Good Day Bad Day


Short and sweet for this post.

The In-laws hosted the family Thanksgiving today and we were taking 2 vehicles for the 1 and a half hour trip using our PT Cruiser and my VW, The PT went ahead and I was scheduled to catch up a couple of hours later. but then I got a phone call that the PT had broken down on the highway half an hour out.

I drove out and picked up the kids that were in the car and brought them with me to Great Grandma’s House While the PT was towed back home.

First impression is a transmission problem, but I will have to get under it and see what is going on, I hope it is an inexpensive fix.

I have to say we have been pretty fortunate with our current cars as far as reliability goes, we have had the 2001 PT for about 4 years now and it has been a great vehicle , and my 2003 VW Jetta TDI has been a dream to drive since getting it a few months back. Before that I had 3 Ford Windstar Vans that while good for business they were bad for repairs and terrible on gas mileage.

The others made it over to Thanksgiving Dinner about an hour later in my daughters car, and once we were all together a good time was had by all.

Monday I am doing it all over again but at my sisters for my side of the family, but I hope with out any car drama.


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