50+23 Reinke Thanksgiving in Milton was Devine!

Regular readers of my blogs know that I like to use headlines that are a play on words and today’s is another example of this.

My sister Regina’s married name is Devine and this year she hosted the Reinke Thanksgiving in my Home town of Milton where she still lives and has lived in since 1954. Regina is eight years older than myself.

Regina is a single mother of two great boys Jason who now lives in Vancouver BC and Eric  who went back to School in Toronto and announced to us today that within a few weeks will become a public health inspector, good for you Eric.


Left to Right - Wilfred Reinke, Regina Devine, Manfred Reinke (my Dad), Eric Devine, Eric's girlfriend Alida & Irma Reinke (my mom)


Today it was a rather small gathering compared to what was expected as the rest of my immediate family all had other plans today, so I went alone to Milton. Also in attendance was both of my parents along with Regina’s younger son Eric and his girlfriend Alida, that i met for the first time today, a lovely girl that is an ER Nurse.

Our Thanksgiving dinner was an early one for a few reasons, First off my parents have 2 meals a day, Breakfast and an early dinner that is usually between 2 and 3 pm, with a couple of “Tea-Times” 1 between meals the second in the evening. Also my dad plays a German card game called Skat and he needed to be there for a 4:30 match. As well Eric and Alida had to head out by 5 pm.

So dinner was planned for 1:30 pm, but were we having Turkey?…. No! Were we having Ham?…..No!, you see my father is not an eater of Poultry or Ham , he is a Red Meat eater so today’s Thanksgiving dinner were mouth watering huge Steaks! along with some Potato Salad, Baby Carrots, Red Cabbage, Mashed Potatoes and Brussels sprouts.

The meal was fantastic and was served with a glass of Wine and a glass of champagne to toast Eric’s great news of becoming a Health Inspector.

After that we had Tea Time and some delicious home made Apple cake that my mom made for the occasion.

No Pumpkins or Turkey in sight!

It was a pleasant afternoon, no wait it was Devine!(which by the way in the game hattrick.org Devine is the highest skill level that players can achieve)

Here are the other shots from today’s feast!

And now for the History Lesson……

The last time I took pictures at a Reinke Thanksgiving feast was in 2006 at my parents House in Kitchener, Ontario

This time Regina’s son Jason, flew in from Vancouver with his wife and daughter (They have since had a son as well)

But I do not have any other Thanksgiving Reinke family photos to share from the years before that.

Now in the morning I need to check out the problem with the PT Cruiser.


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