50+25 Nothing new today so lets go visit 1983 Paper Shoppe

This is a good thing about having a lot of my old pictures scanned on to my hard drive.

Really since there was nothing exciting happening today, I took a look to see if any pictures struck my fancy that I could tell a quick story about. As everyone has heard that a picture tells a thousand words but without my explaining further a Wordless Wednesday type blog post would not cut it!


Left to right... Peter, ????, Rick Alman, ????, Dave Barnes, Wilfred Reinke


At first glance you would look at this picture and think I was part of some gorilla warfare group, but in reality it was a day of Paintball fun and adventure with a bunch of Paper Salesmen and Printers getting together in a team building outing.

I worked for the Paper Shoppe from 1984 to 1999 but I am pretty sure this picture was taken in 1983 when I was still working for myself when I owned my own one man Printing Shop called Acute Print which was located in Markham, Ontario.

Less than 2 miles away was the Paper Shoppe a Fine Paper and Graphic Arts supply store run by at the time Barbecon which also owned Barber-Ellis Fine Papers which was one of the big paper houses in the Toronto market.

I bought paper and supplies for my printing shop from Dave Barnes who was the manager of the Markham Paper Shoppe location as a matter of fact I was the very first customer of that location when Rick Alman (also in the picture) was the manager.

The Paper Shoppe opened it’s first store on Eastern Avenue in Downtown Toronto and then Markham (on Denison Street) became PS2. Next to open was PS3 on Matheson Blvd. in Mississauga.

Hamilton became PS4 and Rick Alman that was the manager of Markham transferred to Hamilton and Dave Barnes became Manager in Markham and that led to this picture being taken in 1983 I was talking with Dave Barnes one day when I was in buying supplies and we were discussing that Paint ball may be something fun to do, one of my customers opened a Paint Ball park and I printed his business cards. Dave and I contacted Peter who ran PS1 in Toronto and Rick in Hamilton and some other customers also joined in and we all had a blast playing capture the flag.


I still have 4 Paper Shoppe Coffee Mugs from the mid 1980's


It was November of 1984 that I sold off my Printing equipment and closed the doors to Acute Print for ever and started my Paper sales career with the Paper Shoppe

Dave Barnes had wanted me to join the Paper Shoppe for months and since I had started a family with Jeff being born in 1982 and Alex in 1984, I needed to get a steady paycheque. I could best describe it that I was too busy to run the shop by myself and not busy enough to hire anyone.

This did not allow me to adequately provide for my family.

So I met with Roger Abbott of Barbecon and he hired me on the spot. Roger Abbott was  the best boss I had ever worked for, he was the type that would yell at you when you screw up but two minutes later he would be laughing with you asking how the family was.

During the rest of the 1980’s the Paper Shoppe grew and grew, Over the next few years the stores had opened 6 more stores in Ontario 3 in Quebec and 1 in Vancouver. I ended up being the manager of Markham, and later on Scarborough, then Rexdale before being promoted to be the Ontario Sales Manager at head office in Downsview.

Which was alright but I enjoyed working in the stores much more. I later opened a new division for the company called Paper On Wheels.

I wish I had more pictures from those days but back then all cameras were film and people just did not take as many photos as we do in the digital world.

One of my former co-workers Christa I believe has some of photo-albums that the Paper Shoppe kept, maybe one day I can get some copies to share.

The Paper Shoppe was part of my life for 14 years + so I will have to make some more posts documenting what was a huge part of my life with many memories.


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  1. Posted by Teri Reidt on March 12, 2016 at 3:00 pm

    I also worked with Roger…at Head office. Not sure if you remember me. My maiden name was Teri Hornburg…then became Reidt. Have you kept in touch with Christa, Peter or Rick? And I’ve wondered about Roger…he wasn’t doing well the last time I spoke with him, which would have been around 1990. Rog was the BEST boss…we agree on that. Crazy, but fun!


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