50+26 I am seeing the world through BBQ sauce coloured glasses

We are having local elections at the moment and everywhere you look there are signs on every corner promoting this person for Mayor that person for town council etc.

In the last week I have seen 2 candidates signs that really caught my eye only because of their last names.

With my passion being BBQ I had a little chuckle over the names , I wonder if it is fate that I should vote for someone based on their name reminding me of my favorite pastime.

Have you ever voted for someone just based on their name with out knowing anything about the person?

Do you vote by party rather than the person?

How much research do you do at election time, do you even vote?

Leave me a comment tell me what you think.


One response to this post.

  1. LOL. Good post. I research. If I’m not sure, I leave the space blank.


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