50+28 Will it be a normal Saturday night? ….. I think not

On a Normal Saturday night at least 3 of us get together at Herman’s house to have our weekly Youth pull party (which is not kinky at all, it is where we play the on line game hattrick.org and promote youth squad or youth academy players to the senior squad.

Three of us partake in this weekly ritual myself – Oshawa Ogre, Herman – Orono, and Bob – Dwarves United

Also on Saturday night we work on computers, Building, Installing or Repairing them. Herman and I sometimes need to rely on Bob’s wisdom to fix problems that arise with our own or customers computers.

Another tradition is that I would bring taped episodes of Mythbusters to watch  and during Hockey season we watch the Leafs play and the watch Mythbusters after the game, but tonight it is a bit of an oddity as the Leafs played last night while we were at the wedding for Herman’s daughter Trisha (I PVR’d it so watched it last night when I got home 4-3 win over the Rangers in OT if you care to know) so the Leafs do not play today, maybe we will watch some of the Ball game instead or just jump right into Myth Busters.

Now I have 2 episodes for us tonight, as we have not been together on a Saturday night in some time due to Soccer tournaments and weddings and such. And I also have a couple of computers with driver issues that I am going to ask Bob to fix for me.

Plus we will have so much to talk about from the wedding so, no this will not be a normal Saturday night, but it will be nice to be together again sitting on the comfy couch, though it is so comfy that some of us have tended to fall asleep on it from time to time.

Here is a picture of all 3 of us in a tie from yesterdays wedding (like that will ever happen again!)



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