50+29 Rapid fire notes from the day

  1. Got an e-mail today from an old friend that I coached Softball in the late 70’s, Lori married with 2 wonderful boys and doing well with Race Horses. And Her Mom is still doing well, glad to hear that she is a great lady!
  2. Made a second batch of BBQ Baked Beans today… Yum!
  3. Spent a couple of hours doing 50+27 updates on Trisha’s Wedding.
  4. Son helped me today with final clean-up from fixing the roof, Thanks again Alex!
  5. Hey I won my hattrick.org match 3-2 over the first place team, well not anymore, now I am in first!
  6. Can not wait for Monday see if my Leafs can improve to 5-0 with a win over the Islanders.
  7. Have to get 2 computers ready to deliver for Monday, and get working on a packaging job, will be a busy week, me thinks!
  8. Did I tell you all that we have a new cat? His name is Mr Bean and he is a stray that showed up at our back door a week ago.


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