50+33 Doh!

Well as I write this it is 2:37 am, and I was just about to turn off the lights and lay me head down for a hole 4 hours before having to get up to drive my son to work when i realized that I did not write a post for 50+32.

This is the first time that I missed a deadline in my young writing career. I could make all kinds of excuses like, I was too busy with real work, which is partially correct… I delivered a computer and installed it for a new customer that is starting a brand new business from her home and I was her first supplier in her new venture.

Or I could blame it on my pets making a a mess, which did happen, I had a box of papers, and other odds and ends that were on my desk and I wanted to sort through them later and I had left it on my coffee table forgetting that I also had a package of Jerky in there as well. and I have a Plott hound named Georgia that knocked the box off the table and spread everything on the floor found the Jerky (second time she found a pack of my Jerky) and scurried off to her dog house and ripped open the Jerky and really enjoyed herself.

Or I could say that I was distracted talking to some of my friends on twitter, yup that happened for a bit.

Perhaps I could use the excuse that I was so into the Base Ball Playoff game that was won by San Fran over Phili that went back & forth, Well I did watch but it was on in the background.

Or was it that my son needed a ride to a job interview and to night school where is Laptop died today so I need to get that figured out quickly.

I know I could tell you that there was a major storm and we got 4 feet of snow and the power was knocked out so I could not get on the computer to write my personal blog post….. Ok that last one was a fib, but everything else did happen and by them selves were not good reasons for missing my post deadline of 3 hours ago. But together at least explains it, still not an excuse.

I will try not to let myself and my readers down again.


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