50+35 Party with the Horn Dawgs

Today I was honoured to be asked by Donna and Rob Butler of the Horn Dawgs Smokin’ BBQ team to be included in their 1st annual Horn Dawgs Staff party held in their lovely home in Oshawa, Ontario.

I was not part of the staff though Rob mentioned tonight that I was around enough during the summer at various Rib-Fests in and around Southern Ontario that I may as well been.

For the purpose of my blog Oshawa Ogre’s Views, News & BBQ’s and also for my articles in the Examiner as Toronto Barbecue reporter I followed the season that the Horn Dawgs had as Ribbers in their second season participating on the tour.

I had a great time at the party and the food was wonderful and getting to meet the families of the team meant for a fantastic day, except that Robs son James may of broke a toe or at least dislocated it, but with a little gentle persuasion  I think it popped back into place.

Even though I had my camera today I did not want to act as a reporter today, but instead just spend an afternoon and part of the evening with some friends and that is what it was. A lot of laughs were shared, music played and food and drink consumed.

I did take one picture however of Donna and Rob holding their 1st place sauce trophy from The largest RibFest held in Canada in Burlington earlier this summer (the original one that will stay on the fireplace mantle which will not go on tour), They are very proud of this trophy as they are with the hand made 1st place ribbon that you can see behind Rob’s head which was for their 1st place finish at the Uxbridge 2009 RibFest show present by the Car show which had their own judging, it is a beautiful ribbon.

Thank-you Rob and Donna, I appreciate your friendship that we have developed over the summer of 2010 and look forward to it continuing for years to follow.


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