50+41 End of the week thoughts

Congrats go to my son Alex for getting accepted into two colleges that want to teach him to be a paramedic. Daddy is proud of the the way that he has turned his life around in the past couple of years, living up to his responsibilities and bettering him self. It is tough to basically start an education at age 26 but with his determination and the support that he has , he will succeed.

Sadness when young people leave us too early as in the case of things such as unnecessary violence or bullying and car accidents, the past while I have read just too much about these types of deaths.

Proud of the way that my favorite sports team the Toronto Maple Leafs are playing this season, things are looking up and I really like seeing a Leafs team with so much youth and speed.

Surprised how so dominating the San Fransisco Giants are over the Texas Rangers.

Shock that a young mother shook her baby to death just because it was crying while she was trying to play Farmville on Facebook, she will spend the next 20 years or so regretting that moment of insanity!
Heard what I think is one of the greatest quotes this week by Pinball Clemmons when he spoke about the people in Africa he is trying to help “Those with less smile more, while those with more smile less” makes you want to appreciate what you have in life doesn’t it?

Thinking of Ally Benedet as she and mom Susan continue to stay in Toronto’s Sick kids hospital just wanting to get better and go home!

Wishing that January would hurry up and get here so that I can be on my trip down south.


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  1. I too was shocked~ Farmville means more than a baby….Some people and their priorities. Facebook and all of these games can be an addiction. I honestly have no clue how Moms with little kids spend as much time on all of these social networking sites!


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