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50+72 Movember ends tomorrow, but there is a bet for tonight Leafs game

This is me from last week with my Movember…

My plan was to shave it off in the morning December 1st, but with my Leafs not playing pretty good hockey of late I decided to place a bet with my self.

The Hockey game between the Leafs and Tampa tonight starts in 10 minutes. If the Leafs win tonight I will go with my plan to shave off the Mo in the morning.

However if the Leafs fail to win I will shave off only one side and post a picture of that for tomorrows blog post and embarrass myself, before shaving off the rest.

If you want to see how my team is doing during the game you can go to this ESPN website and follow along


50+71 Who needs colour when you have Black and White

Now be honest you did not think that this post was going to be about our cats did you?

Just fooling around with my photo editing software and turned thes pics

of Mr. Bean and Shakespeare in black and white shots even though they are already black and white cats.

So which do you like better?

Mr. Bean in colour


Mr. Bean black & white


Shakespeare in colour

Shakespeare BW


50+70 Ok If you smoke near your computer

So one of the services I provide to my customers is computer service and repairs.

This is my latest repair, customer said it would not turn on any more.

Now this computer is not that old, a year or two max.

First thing I do is take off the side cover…

Ok this is a mess! as soon as I had the cover off I found the problem

What you see above is the power supply which has a bunch of holes that draw air through to keep it cool.

Where are the holes you ask?

Right behind that thick layer of dust.

This caused the power supply to overheat since no air was circulating in the power supply.

The worst thing you can do near a computer is smoke!

Right away I knew my customer was a smoker and I asked her if they smoked and it was confirmed.

And just think a persons lungs can look like this too.

In the case of this computer it was $50.00 to replace the power supply.

A lung costs a little more than that.

I used to smoke, I started when I was 14 years old (1974) on a family vacation to Vancouver and I continued to smoke after that smoking a pack a day.


Me on the left and Friend Norman that started my smoking in 74


During our trip towards Vancouver with Norman and his dad

I vowed that I would quit once cigarettes reached a price of $1.00 per pack, well it was  little past that, I quit in 1983 the price was $1.50 per pack, but that was not my reason for quitting.

At that time I was running my own Print Shop called Acute Print which was a one man operation and my oldest son was in his first year and I had him with me at work one day and I was holding him and a cigarette at the same time and I accidentally burned my son. I put out that smoke right there and then and vowed to quit, though a couple hours later I could not resist the urge and lit another of which I smoked half of and put it out.

6 07 hours later I had one more and took a few drags and snuffed it out.

And that lasted a few days, at which point I lit one last one and took one drag, hated the taste and have not smoked since!




50+69 Oh Snow please not yet!

It was not a huge winter snow storm or anything but this morning we had our first “dusting” of snow that stayed on the ground for a while.

Annie loved playing in the snow this morning

But it was all melted again within an hour. Sunny out now and 36F

50+68 Black Friday comes to Canada

The day after the US Thanksgiving is used to tell the American public that Christmas is the next holiday that is on the Calander so we need you to go out and empty your wallets by standing in line waiting to get into stores that do not open for hours trying to snag a big screen TV or a new computer for a small fraction of the regular price.

Up until now Canada did not follow this line, instead prices would stay normal until Christmas and then the day after St. Nick would be what we call Boxing day where all the kids both young and old would take their Christmas monies or credit cards to stand in line for hours and fighting the throngs of people to get stuff that they maybe did not even need for less than half the price.

But withe the Canadian Dollar at par with the US Buck Canadian shoppers started driving across the border looking for Deals and the Canadian stores fearing big losses decided to advertise their own Black Friday deals.

I am not one to go out into the big lineups, I would rather do my own research and find on-line deals and shop from the comfortable confines of home,

My friend in BBQ Danielle aka well known Canadian BBQ Pitmaster DivaQ found a great site  for BBQ books at a fraction of regular cost I think I may do some shopping there tonight, and when i am done my feet will not hurt and I would not have to fight for a parking spot

50+67 Hmmm What am I thankful for?

Even though Thanksgiving has come and gone here in Canada, our neighbours to the south are celebrating theirs today.

Since a majority of my online friends are in America I thought I would take a few minutes to say a few thank-you’s.

(please note of course I am thankful for all of my Canadian family and friends that goes with out saying, but since this is US Thanksgiving I will direct my thoughts to the States.

  • Thankful that my father that is in Florida is recovering from his medical issues after giving us all a scare.
  • Thankful my mother is there to help him recover.
  • Thankful to the people that I have become friends with on twitter that have helped me so much with my writing including
  • Thankful to the companies that have sent me product to review on my other blog Oshawa Ogre’s Views, News & BBQ’s. It is a great gig to be able to sample products from all over the US (and Canada too) and spread the word to the masses using this fad that some say would never last (the Internet)
  • Thankful to the BBQ community at large as I have found them to be the best group of people on the planet, willing to share information and ready to help each other in ways that in this crazy world do not seem to be the norm but it is a wonderful thing to be a part of.
  • Thankful having great friends also on twitter and facebook that keep me amused and sometimes abused but in a fun way.
  • Thankful that you are allowing me into your life for a few minutes every now and then and that for some reason you find my musings interesting.

You will notice other than my Mom and Dad that I have not named names and the reason for this is that I know I would forget to mention a person that is very important to me, just as all of the others are and do not want anyone to feel slighted.

You all know who you are and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

50+66 Glad I will be driving to Florida – Less chance of touching my junk

Move over Cooks Source, there is a new Interweb phenomenon and that is Airport security feeling up the public, but the public fighting back!

I had watched some of the “Don’t touch my junk” vids on youtube and seen some of the news reports and interviews. and sue people make fun of it because it happened to a guy and people are making T-shirts and organizing a refuse to be scanned day, supposed to be today, wonder how that went?

But this morning I read the Toronto Sun and it was front page news here that a 15 yo girl was groped in public in a Sudbury airport, and she is now embarrassed and vows never to fly again. and her Mother watched it all happen and afterwords was dumbfounded that she allowed it to be done to her daughter.

Here are the stories……

Security measures taken too far By JOE WARMINGTON, Toronto Sun

andKeep Canada flying grope free: Editorial By Toronto Sun

This was the last time I went through Airport security in Washington last March

I am going to Florida in January and I am glad I will be driving as I have a tough enough time being probbed by my family doctor, I sure do not want to be spreadeagled by some burly security guard and felt up basically asking me to cough.

I understand that security in both the US and in Canada had to be enhanced since 9-11 but I can not help thinking that the terrorists are winning the war, they no longer have to do any physical damage to our buildings or kill our citizens, no what they have done is make everyone so scared to live our lives freely that we now lose our freedoms to travel with out fear. Not so much for fear of death, but fear of losing our dignity.