50+44 Giants win World Series but I look back at my baseball career

So Baseball for 2010 is in the history books, Congrats to the Champion San Fransisco Giants who won 4 games to 1 over the Texas Rangers, both teams proving you do not need a 200 million dollar payroll to win the big prize.

There is hope for my Toronto Blue Jays after all.

Seeing the end reminded me about my past in the favorite summer past time.

Growing up my father never encouraged me to play sports since he was so against sport in anyway, though my Mother likes F-1 racing and watching Golf.

My father has had enjoyed a few rounds of golf since he retired but nothing when I was younger.

My Sister loves Tennis and plays often, and she has been known to go to NewYork for to watch the US Open on more than one occasion.

I first started playing baseball I think when I was about 12 years old and it was in my home town of Milton, Ontario, I played one season of house-league and I will never forget the first time I caught a fly ball while playing center field, I was so happy that I was jumping for joy like an idiot and the rest of my team yelled at me because there were less than 2 out and the other guys on base at the time just ran home.

The next season I was asked to play on the Milton Rep team but I was just a sub and did not get into many games. But I really enjoyed the time I had on the team and watching the team play I learned a lot.

In 1978 when I was 17 I coached a Girls Softball House league team in Mississauga for Poyntz TV in 1978 and that started my Coaching career I did that for a couple of seasons and we were a successful team. After meeting my wife (to be) I still continued to coach but we had moved to Scarborough (just east of  Toronto) and I was entrusted with a Rep team for hardball with the age group of 9 year old boys, none of which played rep ball before as all of the kids from the previous season had moved up to the next age group.

Knowing that we won our first and last game you would think we were very successful except that we had lost every single game in between.

I really enjoyed traveling all over Southern Ontario with my wife (to be) and going to various tournaments even if we did not have the talent to do real well.

We married in 1981 and for a few years I played in a mixed slo-pitch league along with s0me of my co-workers from the Paper Shoppe and I played 3rd base and batted cleanup, hitting home-runs was my specialty.

Once my oldest son Jeff was 4 years old we put him into T-ball and Kingside Park wanted  me to coach him and that was in 1986 and 2 years later my son Alex joined as well and I continued to coach for Kingside Park in Oshawa till my daughter Melissa stopped playing around 2003. I was lucky enough to coach all 3 of my kids through out their childhoods, it is the most fulfilling things I have ever done. Watching a child learn and grow as not only a ball player but also as young people was a great experience.

I was a bit of an innovator as I came up with a play that I named “The Idiot Play” which was a great name for it since in the beginning of the play our team looked like idiots but in the end the other team looked silly.

How it worked was once our team had the bases loaded and I would be coaching 3rd base. With a tug to my ear everyone knew on our team that the Idiot play was about to go down.

As the pitcher pitched our runner on first base would break for second even though we had the bases loaded. All of the parents and coaches on the other team would yell at the catcher to throw the ball to first base to trap our runner but as soon as that happened all of our other base runners knew to break for the next base including our runner from third that runs home.

I would even help by yelling what are you doing go back or something to make it look like it was not planned all along.

It worked every time I called it except once and that time the umpire called the play dead, in which he was completely wrong!


This was a great great team! My daughter Melissa 2nd from right

My teams were always the better teams when I coached for Kingside, but one year I was not able to teach the girls team a life skill, and that life skill was to lose with dignity as we won every single game that season including the championship.
Another season though I made a huge mistake I regret right til this day, once again we were the best team in the league and we were in the season final tournament now I was given the tournament schedule the day before and since we had a personal computer (not everyone had one in those days) I decided to type out the schedule specific to our team and hand them out the morning of our first game which we proceeded to win, now on the schedule that I printed it said our next game would be Saturday at 1 so all of us showed up at 1 only to find out that the game was to be played at 11 am not 1 so we missed the game and lost by default. Our entire team and parents were in shock, they all forgave me and I was so sorry for them, but it was such a big disappointment that because of my typo our season was over.

Top row 3rd from left is Shawn, 3rd from right is my son Jeff, I am far right

There were a lot of special moments that I was witness to but the biggest had to be one of my sons teammates Shawn that was my son Jeff’s best friend at the time, (around age 14 or 15) in the winter months Shawn would go with my sons and I to local frozen Pond playing hockey, then we found out some terrible news. Shawn had contracted the Flesh Eating disease. and lost both of his legs some of his finger tips and a lot of damage to his arms.

But in what was a great recovery Shawn with prosthetic legs came back to play ball again a couple of years later and I could not of been more proud of him.


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