50+45 Work in Toronto but take time to see the sites

For those of you that do not know Oshawa is 30 minutes east of Toronto and Toronto has a lot of different sections to it.

For most of my work I tend to stay on the outer parts of Toronto, doing business in the West end which includes Etobicoke and Mississauga, The North end of Toronto which has Markham, Downsview, Concord and East York and the East end where you will find Scarborough, Pickering and Ajax before you get to my home area of Whitby and Oshawa.

Very rarely do I venture to the Downtown core of Toronto which is something I do not care to do to be honest with you since I am not one that likes the congestion and lack of parking that is common in the core.

I have a Polyester Plate maker that I sold to the Ontario Government which is used a lot in the Government Print shop. They were very happy with their purchase and I did not have to make a single service call for the machine while it was under warranty., But that all changed in the past couple of weeks.

The image that was printed onto the Plate material (it is basically an over sized Laser Printer) was flaking off.

After 3 service calls where I adjusted a number of settings and cleaned the machine and replaced a couple of rollers but still the printer was not printing the way it should. Then I wanted to check the condition of the Toner Cartridge and right away found the problem, they had tried to save a few dollars and use a “compatible”  Toner cartridge not made by HP, which when I sold them the machine I left specific instructions never to use anything but as HP has a patent on their “Microtoner” that no one else can duplicate and with out that the print will not adhere to the plate material. So after getting a new Cartridge for them the problems were solved, by trying to save a few bucks they gave them selves a lot of headaches and spent a small fortune on service calls.

Mind you I was not the smartest cookie in the bag either as I parked out front on one of my visits and paid $7.50 in Parking at the machine only to come out to a $60.00 ticket for parking in a school bus loading zone. You would think I would know better considering my wife drives a bus. I think what caught me offguard was that 2 others were parked illegal and there was one empty spot, and I saw the other 2 cars get their tickets but thought they did not pay for the parking. Even at age 50+ lesson learned.

Today I made the hope to be final service call to trouble shoot a couple of other minor issues in the printing settings and I drove down there at 11 am and was there til 3pm.

This time I parked a block over where parking was free, yes I checked all over for signs, I was safe! but after the call was done I noticed a huge park  across the street from where I was parked and will the fall colours it looked so inviting so I took a break from my day and took a few pics of the park with my cell phone.

All in all it was a great day today and being able to take a few minutes to enjoy the park was a needed break. Now to head over to Herman’s house and relax to watch the Toronto Maple Leafs take on the Ottawa Senators in the Battle of Ontario. which is similar to the last week or so when I had my own little Battle of the Ontario Government Laser Printer!


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