50+49 It’s Movember

I was looking through some old photos on my computer today seeing if anything would jump out at me that would be worth while talking about and I found this shot from 1993…

1993 Wilfred with facial hair

I have gone through like most people stages in my life where I would try a different look and as you can see above I had a goatee and a stash.

The past few years though I have gone with the clean face look along with the short hair.

There is a fairly new thing that happens every November and that is Movember where men support the Prostate Cancer awareness program by growing a mustache starting November 1st and ending at the end of the month.

So October 31st was the last time I shaved the upper lip area of my face. This is how I look today….

Day 6 of Movember

I have not had a mustache since my hair started the tun from brown to grey so it will be interesting to see if it is a look that will be acceptable.

Now I still have to check out the Movember website and see what is involved and if I decide to enter the site I will let you all know.


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