50+53 I just entered a contest for a Masterbuilt Turkey Fryer with Mommy Katie

Today I was looking at the Masterbuilt facebook page since I really like the products that they sell and John and Don McLemore has a great way of promoting their products with video’s and now they even have a cookbook called “DADGUM That’s Good”

A couple of months back I entered and won a contest on Cyndi Allison’s blog The Barbecue Master for a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker which I will pick up on my way to Florida when I drive down in January.

Today I noticed that they are having a contest on the Mommy Katie Blog for a Masterbuilt Turkey fryer which looks like another Kitchen Appliance that I would love to have and use.

As it is once I get the Electric Smoker I will be reviewing it a number of times on my BBQ blog  Oshawa Ogre’s View, News & BBQ’s and I would also like to review the Turkey Fryer as well. Mind you I now see that Katie’s contest is for US residents, so that being the case I could gift it to my Parents address in Florida.

Mind you Win or Lose I would like to review the Turkey Fryer at some point in the future, but in the mean time I will help Katie to promote her contest and get her as many entries as possible, If your reading this and you would like a chance to win a $159.00 Turkey Fryer just head over to Mommy Katies Blog right here.



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