50+59 Cooks Source, Judith Griggs and Monica Gaudio your 15 minutes are up

The story that will not end…..

Just when you think something has been resolved and put to bed the alarm clock goes off, waking you up again and fumbling for the snooze button.

Judith Griggs had posted her apology/statement  and even though some did not believe it was sincere enough, Monica was satisfied and was wanting to move on with her life.

But noooooooooooo! Judith had to post a new statement at the Cooks Source Website and thus stirring the pot all over again

I will post the screen shot of it below as you never know how long it will be visible.

And of course Monica could not just sit by, she had to reply in kind (which is her right to do of course)

For those that do not know the story of these 2 you can read about it here at my other blog

You can also read an updated version of events at my friend Cyndi Allison’s  site here, Cyndi has followed the story from day one and has been one of my sources for information, It was Cyndi that informed me of the new postings of both Judith and Monica

It appears as though this saga has destroyed the Cooks Source Magazine, and maybe it should be gone if the accusations of so much content theft is true, but it shows the power of the Interweb and the destruction it can cause.

Here are the screen shots I mentioned, I had to splice them together to put it all on one screen shot but I did not add or delete any words.

Click on the image to view full size


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