50+60 2 Dogs 1 Cat

So who says Cats and Dogs can not get along?

Here we have from left to right… Annie, Mr. Bean and Georgia.


Mr. Bean came to us a couple of weeks back around Halloween as a stray that had some medical problems and my daughter the soon to be Vet Tech came to it’s rescue and nursed it back to health. When we first saw Mr. Bean roaming around our back yard both the dogs wanted to chase it away or who knows what if they caught him, but we brought Mr. Bean into our home and quarantined him in the basement bathroom while on the various meds so that our other pets including Shakespeare our CH cat that was upstairs when i took this picture.

But once the meds kicked in and Mr. Bean was not going to pass any illness on to the others, we started to slowly introduce the animals to each other, and now they will chase each other but in a playful way, and as you can see when they tire them selves out, they will sleep together,

Now only if people could get along this well!


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