50+61 The week that was

Some various thoughts and things this past week.

  • Busy busy week for the business, some huge paper orders that also brought some major stress, my supplier failed twice on paper availability times.
  • Mr. Bean has made him self at home and one person that is not a cat lover even seems to be taking a liking to our new addition.
  • Nothing better than having my German Pancakes with Sweet Apple Filling to warm up on a cold morning.
  • So happy for on-line friend Hanneke that is taking a big bird from Holland to visit a friend in Delaware for the US Thanksgiving.
  • Also thinking of a couple of friends and my father that are having medical issues, wishing them well in their recoveries.
  • Condolences to Cyndi, who lost a friend due to a horrific car accident, which is all too familiar to her since she lost her father the same way a couple of years back.
  • Mr. Bean likes to type too.
  • The guys at Custom Brake & Exhaust are really good to me.
  • I won at Solitaire on my phone today, 1st time in months.
  • Pat Burns died today. He was Coach of the Leafs back in the early 90’s, Wish he made it to the HHOF 😦
  • Wondering if Daddy Taxi should be charging a premium for these 2:30 am pick ups?
  • I am so jealous of Guy Fieri on Diners Drive-ins and Dives, That’s what I want to do when I grow up!


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