50+62 Herman and I visit the Toronto Print World Show

My friend Herman that I have known for 20 years owns Loyal Printing out of Orono Ontario and at first he was just a customer of mine from the days that I worked for the Paper Shoppe and still today through my own business Oshawa Laser Supply.

However Herman for most of that time has also been my best friend, we both like to mess around with Computers and watch our favorite team the Toronto Maple Leafs, though Herman’s first passion has and always will be Soccer which he coaches at a high level.

Today Herman and I drove into Toronto to take in the Print World Show which is a trade show for Short Run Offset and Digital Printing and it’s related fields such as Pre-Press, Bindery and Wide-Format Printing.

Entrance to Print World at the Direct Energy Center in Toronto

The show was held on the CNE Grounds in the Direct Energy Center which is also the same place that last week I went to visit the Royal Canadian Agricultural Winter Fair.

There are two Print shows that come to Toronto on a regular basis, Print World which used to be named Print Ontario and the Graphics Canada  Show that is held at the International Center in Mississauga every other year from the Print World show. Graphics Canada tends to be more for the larger longer run printing industry.

Herman met an old friend that works for a Press supplier

Herman and I usually go to these shows together and we used to have a 3rd person Bert Kaldeway join us but he had passed away a couple of years back, we always had a great day when the 3 of us visited the show.

One of the great things about the Print World show, is that many of the vendors hand out samples of their work in the way of cool posters or other printed materials, and many of the companies are still using Hooters types of women to hand out promotional materials, nice eye candy but I really doubt that they would be able to answer any questions for potential customers.

Herman picking up a poster that he liked

Beside Posters many vendors also hand out pens with their company logo on them or those cloth bags that everyone now use to do their groceries with.

Some other pictures I took at this show…

Another pic of Herman with his friend

Discussing the Printing Business

Poster for the visors are always a big draw

Outside view of the Direct Energy Center, CN Tower in background

Famed Princess Gates, Landmark entrance to CNE Grounds, being restored

After the show on the way back home Herman and I as we do every year stopped at Frankie Tomatto’s for lunch.

Frankie Tomatto's Restaurant in Markham, Ontario

I will be blogging about that experience a little later on my Oshawa Ogre’s Views, News & BBQ’s blog.

The show sure has changed over the years, when I was the Ontario Sales Manager for the Paper Shoppe in the mid 1990’s we used to have a booth at the Print Ontario Show (Now called Print World) and I came up with the idea to have a General Store look to our booth promoting Old Tyme Service. And I came up with 2 ideas to draw people to our booth, 1st I approached Strub’s Pickles and got them to donate 20 drums of the Dill Pickles that we put into a Pickle Barrel and gave away to anyone that dropped by, that was a huge hit! We also had a draw for a replica old fashioned looking radio (they were in big demand in those days)

Our Print Ontario booth in 1993, me in the Apron

After the show in 1993 with our Radio Winner in our Markham Paper Shoppe store

The present day show for Print World is great for what it is but it has evolved from a show that was all about the smaller Offset Printing Press to a digital world where computers do all of the work for you. In many ways the the art of printing has changed, and to me it was a lot more fun before than it is now.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Sounds like fun. Nice to fianlly meet Herman if even online. Hi Herman.


  2. […] visit was this past Saturday after my friend Herman and I spent the early part of the day at the Print World Trade Show in Toronto we drove into Markham on the way home for some Italian […]


  3. Posted by Will on June 24, 2015 at 5:36 pm

    Hello Wilfred. I’m a graphic designer and am working on a brochure for a client. We really like the image you took of the hallway entrance of the Direct Energy Centre. Would you be willing to share it, or allow us to use in print? If you’d like to charge a fee for use, I can pass that on to my client.


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