50+63 A visit to the Seasons Show in Mississauga

Today I wandered down to the International Centre in Mississauga, which is on the west side of  Toronto right close to Pearson International Airport to attend the Seasons Christmas Show where vendors show off their gift ideas. kind of reminded me of a flea market really but also had some interesting displays and even demonstrations.

When I was there I would say that at least 90% of the visitors were ladies, so for those bachelors out there maybe this would be a great place to meet women! I was there from around 2 pm til 4 pm and found that there were all kinds of gift ideas, from scented candles to designer bed sheets and kitchen utensils.

I found thee booths that really caught my interest 1st was a booth that was selling “The Super Peeler” which is a Swiss made Vegetable or fruit peeler with a carbide blade that impressed me for it ease of operation, so I picked that up for myself.

2nd was a booth Gourmet Pleasures that sells some great tasting Jams and Jellies some in hand painted jars, I can not tell you what I bought there right at the moment since it is for a Christmas gift, but I can tell you that the business is run by a very nice recently retired lady that has a passion for her work and right now is only selling at shows but hopes to go online with it as well at some point.

3rd was a familiar face when I went over to the Jake Albert’s booth where my twitter friend Jay from London Ontario was once again selling his wonderful Habanero Honey based glazes letting people sample it on Ice Cream, Yes Hot Sauce on Ice Cream and while I was there a steady stream of visitors sampled the Hot-Sweet-Coldness, some were hesitant but as soon as they try they buy! Jay also debuted their line of rubs that will add to their already successful product line. Jay was proud to mention the Christmas decorations that was around his booth including a wreath made from real Red Peppers by his wife and also Red Pepper Stockings hung by the fireplace with care.

When I actually test the above products I will be posting them on my Oshawa Ogre’s Views, News & BBQ’s blog


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