50+65 Hanneke in the USA

I am happy tonight for a fellow food blogger and friend from the twitterverse @hanneke158 who for the first time in her life is crossing the ocean to visit another twitter companion @canapes45 who is (Chef Robin White) for Thanksgiving week in Delaware USA.

The reason you see the Garfields above that I added the text to is that Hanneke is a big fan of lovable little feline. and out of a joke at first I would post a pic of Garfield every night before I turn in and Hanneke would see it when she woke up in the am over in Holland where she lives.  (Holland is 6 hours ahead of us here in the Eastern Time Zone) , and since there are literally 1000’s of Garfield images on the Interweb, it is easy to find one that fits the mood of the day.

The two ladies I am sure are going to have a week to remember and I am sure that both will have some wonderful stories to tell us all in the weeks to come.

One of the first stories would have to be how Hanneke felt having 2 of her connecting flights canceled after touching down in Washington at 2:30 pm.

Here are links to both ladies websites, I would imagine at some point there will be mention of this week written in cyberspace.

Chef Robin White


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  1. hey Ogre!! I guess I missed this post in all the excitement haha thanks so much 🙂 Oh we sure had a great time, I will post soon on my blog!!


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