50+66 Glad I will be driving to Florida – Less chance of touching my junk

Move over Cooks Source, there is a new Interweb phenomenon and that is Airport security feeling up the public, but the public fighting back!

I had watched some of the “Don’t touch my junk” vids on youtube and seen some of the news reports and interviews. and sue people make fun of it because it happened to a guy and people are making T-shirts and organizing a refuse to be scanned day, supposed to be today, wonder how that went?

But this morning I read the Toronto Sun and it was front page news here that a 15 yo girl was groped in public in a Sudbury airport, and she is now embarrassed and vows never to fly again. and her Mother watched it all happen and afterwords was dumbfounded that she allowed it to be done to her daughter.

Here are the stories……

Security measures taken too far By JOE WARMINGTON, Toronto Sun

andKeep Canada flying grope free: Editorial By Toronto Sun

This was the last time I went through Airport security in Washington last March

I am going to Florida in January and I am glad I will be driving as I have a tough enough time being probbed by my family doctor, I sure do not want to be spreadeagled by some burly security guard and felt up basically asking me to cough.

I understand that security in both the US and in Canada had to be enhanced since 9-11 but I can not help thinking that the terrorists are winning the war, they no longer have to do any physical damage to our buildings or kill our citizens, no what they have done is make everyone so scared to live our lives freely that we now lose our freedoms to travel with out fear. Not so much for fear of death, but fear of losing our dignity.



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