50+68 Black Friday comes to Canada

The day after the US Thanksgiving is used to tell the American public that Christmas is the next holiday that is on the Calander so we need you to go out and empty your wallets by standing in line waiting to get into stores that do not open for hours trying to snag a big screen TV or a new computer for a small fraction of the regular price.

Up until now Canada did not follow this line, instead prices would stay normal until Christmas and then the day after St. Nick would be what we call Boxing day where all the kids both young and old would take their Christmas monies or credit cards to stand in line for hours and fighting the throngs of people to get stuff that they maybe did not even need for less than half the price.

But withe the Canadian Dollar at par with the US Buck Canadian shoppers started driving across the border looking for Deals and the Canadian stores fearing big losses decided to advertise their own Black Friday deals.

I am not one to go out into the big lineups, I would rather do my own research and find on-line deals and shop from the comfortable confines of home,

My friend in BBQ Danielle aka well known Canadian BBQ Pitmaster DivaQ found a great site  for BBQ books at a fraction of regular cost I think I may do some shopping there tonight, and when i am done my feet will not hurt and I would not have to fight for a parking spot


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