50+70 Ok If you smoke near your computer

So one of the services I provide to my customers is computer service and repairs.

This is my latest repair, customer said it would not turn on any more.

Now this computer is not that old, a year or two max.

First thing I do is take off the side cover…

Ok this is a mess! as soon as I had the cover off I found the problem

What you see above is the power supply which has a bunch of holes that draw air through to keep it cool.

Where are the holes you ask?

Right behind that thick layer of dust.

This caused the power supply to overheat since no air was circulating in the power supply.

The worst thing you can do near a computer is smoke!

Right away I knew my customer was a smoker and I asked her if they smoked and it was confirmed.

And just think a persons lungs can look like this too.

In the case of this computer it was $50.00 to replace the power supply.

A lung costs a little more than that.

I used to smoke, I started when I was 14 years old (1974) on a family vacation to Vancouver and I continued to smoke after that smoking a pack a day.


Me on the left and Friend Norman that started my smoking in 74


During our trip towards Vancouver with Norman and his dad

I vowed that I would quit once cigarettes reached a price of $1.00 per pack, well it was  little past that, I quit in 1983 the price was $1.50 per pack, but that was not my reason for quitting.

At that time I was running my own Print Shop called Acute Print which was a one man operation and my oldest son was in his first year and I had him with me at work one day and I was holding him and a cigarette at the same time and I accidentally burned my son. I put out that smoke right there and then and vowed to quit, though a couple hours later I could not resist the urge and lit another of which I smoked half of and put it out.

6 07 hours later I had one more and took a few drags and snuffed it out.

And that lasted a few days, at which point I lit one last one and took one drag, hated the taste and have not smoked since!





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