50+73 I lost the bet with myself, time to pay up!

So last night was the last day on Movember and I knew that I did not want to keep my MO, but after having that hair between my nose and upper lip was really starting to bug me.

For those unaware Movember is a annual thing that men do by starting a mustache November 1st and keeping it til the end of November in order to promote awareness for Prostate Cancer, many people raise money with their growths, which I may try to do next year, but this year I just wanted to show my support by dawning a hairy lip.

But I did not want to just shave it off and just be done with it, I wanted to make it an event so when a friend on facebook comment on my pic, I had to respond to it. so I said if the Leafs won last nights game against Tampa that I would do a clean shave ridding myself of my handlebar.

However if the Leafs lost again, I would only shave off half of it and then post the pictures here.

Well as you can see looking at the shots below my team lost!, though I really thought they would pull this out.

The Leafs had a 3-1 3rd period lead and the Monster was making spectacular saves keeping Stamkos and company off of the score sheet.

Then a stupid icing play with 12 seconds left with Tampa’s goalie out led to the game tying goal with 7 freakin seconds left!

And then a dumb pass by a Leaf defender preceded Tampa’s OT winner. I was shocked.

so here you go, my visit to the bathroom mirror this morning.

If I did not have some business appointments this afternoon I would of left it like that for the day but it is bad enough that I humiliate myself with the above pics so I lathered up again and took off the rest.

So here I am just getting ready to leave. The loss of the Mo will cause me grief as now I will probably need to show ID at the beer store (ya right)


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Melissa on December 1, 2010 at 3:40 pm

    Nice dad…..really nice…lol


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