50+75 Road Trip and for once I was the passenger

Today, I needed to drive to Newcastle, Orono, Peterborough (or as my Father in Law calls it Peterburg) and then on to Beaverton, Toronto, Pickering and back home to Oshawa.

But today my son Alex went with me so I let him drive most of it.

Must say it was nice to be a passenger for once rather than the driver. Riding Shotgun allows a person to take in the sites and in this case it was a lot of country road driving so a nice drive. and I am not ashamed to say that I even snuck in a couple of naps while Alex drove. I was just showing him the confidence I have in his driving abilities. (If I can sleep while someone else is driving it means I trust them and their skills)

It was a mix of business and personal as I had to meet with our accountant in Newcastle where it is under new ownership as of December 1st. (still not getting over Mark’s passing)

Then it was over to Orono to deliver some paper to my friend Herman at his Printing shop. At which point I took over the wheel for the drive to another customer in Peterborough that need some laser plates and chemicals.

Alex took the wheel back for the drive to Beaverton where Alex was meeting a fellow RC enthusiast where Alex bought a $700.00 remote controlled car for a great price of $300.00

We had wanted to grab some lunch after that in Port Perry at Haugen’s Chicken and Ribs where I had a great meal back in the summer but we were surprised to see that they have closed for the winter!, not due to open again til March.

For those of you that did not see my review on this fine restaurant look here.

So we went into Toronto where I did a little Christmas shopping and we then drove to Pickering where we picked up my other son at work and made our way home.

Below are just some random pics I took as we drive, nothing special but just shows the country side, these pics were taken between Peterborough and Beaverton.


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