50+78 1977 the CN Tower, Glenda and the Palm Reader

Was reminded yesterday of this story when the subject of a Palm Reader came up with a friend.

It was 1977 when I was 17 and I was working for a furniture company in Downsview Ontario building Teak Furniture and at that time I has not yet had a car so I was using public transportation to commute from my parents home in Mississauga which by a combination of buses and a subway took about two hours each way.

And since I did not have a car lunch on most days was the nieghbourhood McDonalds and that is where I met this lovely girl Glenda who worked the counter at the burger joint. and even if the line was longer I made sure to wait to be served by her, she would remember me because at the time I was a big fan of the Big Mac and always asked for some extra of the special sauce to dip my fries into.

After a month or so of this I worked up the courage to ask Glenda to go out with me. and she said yes. I had suggested that we could go to downtown to go up the CN Tower which up til this year was the worlds tallest free standing building at 1100 feet.

As it was just opened the previous year neither of us had been up the tower.

Elevators take you up and are mounted on the outside of the tower so the view is just spectacular, and at the top is an observation deck and a rotating restaurant.

Glenda really enjoyed herself at the tower and as you can see I wore my favorite suit for the date, I think it looked good back then but not something that would go over too well now.

Do not ask me what that statue was I was standing in-front of but it must of been art back then.

After the tower we were walking around downtown and passed in front of a palm reading business, Glenda thought that would be cool to do, so I took her in. Glenda was a girl from Newfoundland (Eastern Canada), very fun loving and outgoing.

Glenda wanted to know about her love life and after reading her palm the palm reader,… bless her heart (look up that phrase if you do not know what it means) told Glenda that her present relationship was not the right one for her and that she should go back to an old flame and that they would get married and be very happy.

That was very nice of the Palm Reader to say considering that I paid for the session! Well after that she broke it off with me and went back with an old boyfriend and I am pretty sure they ended up getting married since Glenda was a big believer in palm reading, astrology and such.


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