50+85 Bizarre Hockey Goal by Bobby Ryan

Now I have been watching Hockey since 1970 or so and have seen a lot of odd things in the 1000’s of games I have seen. But I have to say that this goal takes the cake, watch as the play develops in this video. you will see that Bobby Ryan scores the goal using an opponents stick. Is it legal? I do not know, the Wild player Mikko Koivu that took Bobby Ryan’s stick for sure could of got a penalty for his infraction, but he did not and justice was served as you will see.

Just click on the picture to watch the video. (thanks to a blogger BReynolds that posted this on his site Hockey Wilderness)

Click on this pic to watch the video. thanks to BReynolds from hockey Wilderness

I had found out about this via twitter, (which is a great source for finding out things as they happen and discussions that follow longer before you will see them on sports news casts.)

And I had to chuckle when retweeted this on twitter one of my friends @cyndiallison replied

Cyndi… @OshawaOgre Was he from the United States? Just wondering. We’d prob grab the stick over here.

to which I answered

Me….. @cyndiallison yes he is an American born player lol, way to go Cyndi

Cyndi…. @OshawaOgre ROF. Yep. Americans – steal your puck, stick n girlfriend. Watch out.

Funny to because back in the 80’s there were stories of a Leafs Hockey player that stole another Leafs Girlfriend that caused big waves and one of the players had to be traded.

Pretty smart from Cyndi since she is a southern girl that does not watch the game. Maybe we can get her hooked on it if she likes the drama lol.



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