50+90 Two friends and a Road Trip, Robots invade Campbellford area

Saturday Morning I picked up my friend of 25 years Joe Simeunovich and another friend of his John Davenport up and we ventured out to Campbellford to check out Rubbs BBQ Bistro.

Some may wonder why 3 guys would bother driving one and a half hours just to go to a restaurant, I will tell you why.

First off Rubbs is a great BBQ joint and in Southern Ontario we do not have a lot of genuine BBQ restaurants to choose from. Plus we do not get to go on many day trips and we enjoy each others company.

We arrived at Rubbs in time for lunch and enjoyed a fine meal but the Lunch menu is not as much BBQ as is the dinner menu so we decided we would return to have dinner in the same restaurant 4 hours later so we had some time to kill, knowing there area so well since my In-laws live there I knew of a few places to visit.

Joe Simeunovich and John Davenport outside Rubbs BBQ Bistro in Campbellford, Ontario Canada


John Davenportabout to dig in to his Pulled Pork sandwich at Rubbs BBQ


Joe Simeunovich and a plate of the best poutine he has ever had


First stop was to go to the Meyersburg Flea Market just a few km south of Campbellford where we enjoyed finding interesting old items to look at, and also picking up some spices from a small deli run by a personable Russian fellow.

Joe Simeunovich and John Davenportclowning around in the fleamarket


After that it was on to the town of Norham where I show the boys a Hobby Farm once owned by my In-Laws.

Then just down the road in the town of  Warkworth we were hoping to go to the Cheese factory but after driving there I only found that it was gone, I asked in town and found out that the Cheese factory had closed 20 years ago, yup been a while since I was last there.

But I was directed to a store across from the Warkworth Golf and Country Club Not to be confused with the Warkworth Penitentiary (joke)

Glover’s Farm Market is a quaint little country store that has tons of cool items like Empire Cheese. Fresh Turkey and other meats like Bison and Lamb along with spices and baked goods like pies made fresh on site.

Joey picked up some cheese and I got some nice Ontario Garlic Steak Splash, having picked up a lot of steaks that were on sale real cheap last week, I figured I would try the Steak Splash with those next time I throw some on the grill. The cook book and Steak Rub I found at the Fleamarket. The Cook book is a local collection of recipes from church members and I would bet most of these recipes are tried and true and go back generation and generations, hey for $2.00 it is worth a shot.

I also found that Glovers was carrying the new Elf on a Shelf that has become a sought after Christmas sensation, but rather than get an original I found another elf that I liked even better that has a nor European look to her, and I brought it home, my Grandson decided to name her Mrs. Jackson.

Mrs. Jackson is in charge of watching over my Grand kids when they are at my house and report back to Santa if they are being naughty or nice, the kids are not allowed to touch her but they can talk to her any time they like. Mrs. Jackson tends to find various perches around the house to spy er I mean watch the kids, and it will be the kids job to find where she likes to sit.

We also visited the World’s greatest Chocolate factory and Giant Tiger department store but after all that we still had an hour to waste before dinner so we took the main road North out of Campbellford figuring to drive along the side of the river for 30 minutes and then just turn around and go back to Rubbs for dinner. On the way back towards Rubbs I notice in a farmers field a couple of Robots that were made of metal parts that were all welded together, not sure if he is a Science fiction fan or just wanted a futuristic looking Scarecrow but I found them interesting and took a couple of photos of the metal maniacs…

The drive was relaxing, the sun was shining and listening to tunes while chatting with Joey and John, Good Times!

We enjoyed a fantastic BBQ dinner and then headed home.

John Davenport with his NY Steak, bad timing on the shutter on my part

Joe Simeunovich Southern Fried Chicken superb meal!

Wilfred Reinke about to enjoy his Combo meat plate


It was a great day that all 3 of us thought that was a load of fun and we agreed that we need to something like this again.


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