50+105 Having a good mechanic you can trust is a good thing

I like to do a lot of my own car repairs and scheduled maintenance such as Oil changes, tune-ups, brake jobs and other minor work, however I also know that I can not do it all myself.  Today was one of those days.

On Friday the 31st of December we were working on one of our cars and I was replacing the rear brakes and we made the mistake of putting the jack under a suspension part rather than a solid part of the car causing a bend in the part, to make matters worse we put the jack stand under a tracking arm which is not as strong as it looks and the weight of the car distorted that part pretty badly.

We knew we needed to replace at least one of those parts but being New Years Eve there was no way I was getting parts til today at the earliest.

but in trying to remove the bent tracking arm we found that the bolts were not going to loosen with the tools I had on hand. so the car say til today.

I found my mechanic that use anytime that I need work done that I can not handle on my own, Terry over at Custom Brake & Exhaust on Simcoe Street in Oshawa, I brought it over to him and Terry brought in the part and replaced it for me, cost me a couple of hundred dollars but now the car is fine again.

Terry and the Owner Pat at Custom has always been very fair with me and I have complete faith in their work and that they do not over charge me for work that needs to be done.

I saved enough on doing the brakes all the way around the car that it covered the repair, but at least lesson was learned, we need to make sure to jack up a car in the correct fashion.


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