50+134 What does a Library and McDonald’s have in common?

Both are used for me to use wifi Internet so that I can write my blogs and upload my photos.

Inside the public Library in North Fort Myers Florida with my netbook

Outside view of the same Library

I have been having a blast in Florida, I am doing a lot more than I had ever done in any previous trips, but the best for me has been meeting the people along the way.

Spent a lot of late night hours writing on Word pad on the netbook and then uploading the content to my blog when wifi was available. My parents are still on Dial-up so this is how it works.

Great deals on clothing down here I am now a Bealls Outlet One Card member and every Monday I get an addition 15% off as a Gasp! Seniors Discount…. 50+ qualifies for that in that store.

Though in my parents housing community I am still 5 years away from being able to own a home there.

Also found the Tanger Outlet Mall which is down by Fort Myers Beach and it has a Crocs outlet store. I never imagined that their were that many style those shoes.


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