50+140 Last day on my Southern Expedition – Cheers!

Well today is the last day of my Southern Expedition where I not only spent ity time with my parents in North Fort Myers Florida but I also met some some wonderful people in the world of BBQ that I had spoken with on-line but now I can also say that I have met in person.

I write this from my hotel room at the Days Innn in Salisbury, North Carolina I have a 12 hour or so drive and then I will be home.

It was great to meet y’all @brownkw (Wayne Brown) @WhiskeyBentBBQ (Chad Ward)@HankBobBBQ (Aaron Smith) @SirPorkaLot (John Shepard) @Biggi6671 (Biggi Francis) @HogsGoneWildBBQ (Doug Francis) @BocaBBQ (Shawn Reagan) @StephieBaxter (Stepanie Baxter) @BaxtersOriginal (Michael Baxter) Sue Stilp and Cyndi Alisson. You have all shown such great Southern Hospitality and made my 2011 Florida vacation a memorable experienece. I am a lucky man to have such wonderful friends. This is my last day in the US, tonight I will be sleeping in my own bed once again. A toast to all of you with this symbolic bottle of Cheerwine!


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