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50+40 Almost struck out

My post is a couple of hours late so the date does not match, oh well, my record here on the blog was not flawless anyways.

My daughters car has a problem….

Her 97 Grand Prix drivers side window goes down, but you really have to fight with it to get the darn thing back up again.

Press the up button it may come up an inch and then nothing. Press it a couple of hundred times and then maybe after 5 or 10 minutes it gets back up, any other window in the car who cares live with it, but when she goes to Tim Hortons Drive-thrus every day it can get very annoying, not to mention that the AC does not work either so she needs to put down the windows.

From what I can tell it must be the switch that is the culprit. So today I went ot the local Autowreckers here in Oshawa and checked out about 5 cars and each of them had the window switch assembly taken out.


The off to Newcastle about 20 minutes away and a much bigger yard and again every car like hers about 20 of them had the part removed, Time spent about 2 hours (they had one car with it but the insurance car had not released it and they would not let me get the part, said come back in 3 weeks!… No!


Then at 5 pm I enter Cowanville Wreckers as they were closing, the owner said go have a look I should have one, checked 4 more cars all missing the part


Wait a second Owner says did you check the grey one? I said I did not see a grey one, he takes me to a different spot and low and behold….

$34.00 and I have the part, so Saturday I will put it in and see if it works….. It better.

Edit……. Put it in Saturday and yes it works!