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50+96 Merry Christmas Everyone

Here we are on Christmas day where most people are still opening their gifts and having a family get together with Turkey and all the fixin’s

However since I am of German decent we in our family celebrate in the traditional German way by having our Christmas all on the 24th.

We started out by yesterday by opening our stockings in the morning, and then I did some Christmas cooking and baking using some fantastic Chritsmas recipes passed on to me by my friend Cyndi Allison.

For the first time I was preparing a traditional Christmas Turkey Dinner  which I started the night before by brining a fresh turkey with this recipe and also a Southern Holiday Cranberry Salad Desert that was delightful  and the on the 24th I baked some really tasty Southern Cranberry Cookies and finally cooking the bird using this method.

Thank-you Cyndi your recipes made a success of my efforts and all 10 of us thoroughly enjoyed the great food.

We ate about an hour later than was hoped since my grandson needed to be back home to get ready for his Christmas the next day but he did not mind staying longer than was expected.

The meal was a great success (even though I forgot to make the stove top stuffing, but we did have 2 kinds of scalloped potatoes and fresh carrots which were wonderful)

It was 11:30pm  by the time we had finished opening all of the gifts (we were shooting for 9pm) and I was exhausted by that point since I did not get to sleep til 5 am on the 24th getting the house ready for Christmas and making a run out to Walmart for last minute recipe needs at 4am, yes I said am! and the store was quite busy even including a woman that was shopping with a wide awake 10 year old girl,that made me shake my head just a bit.

As I write this at 11am on Christmas day there is a welcomed calm in the house and I will use today to tidy up and get ready for another family get together at my In-Laws on the 26th, always a fun day there.

Merry Christmas to all of my readers and enjoy the day.


50+91 Oh Christmas Tree

Well our tree is up, we retired the artificial tree that we have used every year for I think about the last 15 years and my wife picked out a new on for this year.

It is up now and as you can see the pets are already making their shelter underneath it.

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree, Please do not let our pets go pee on thee!

50+84 It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….. NOT!

The last 24 hours has been nothing but rain, rain, rain, and some more rain.

Not that I mind since I really do not care for the snow. I am the type that likes to see it on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but that is enough for me!

But I am also not a fan of dreary wet days where you do not want to venture out into the weather that the cold blows right through you and because of the wet it makes it even more uncomfortable.

This also makes it hard to get into the Christmas spirit and I really do need to finish off my shopping.

I must say though I really enjoyed this weeks Christmas episode of Glee.

Click on the pic below to watch one of the songs