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50+48 More fallout re Monica Gaudio and Cooks Source Magazine

I find this whole Content Theft Brewhaha not only entertaining but so darned important.

Where does it go from here?

For those that do not know what I am talking about you can read yesterdays blog post 50+47 and the story I wrote on it at my other blog Oshawa Ogre’s Views, News & BBQ’s

I can update you on a few points…

First off Monica isĀ  overwhelmed by the attention that she has received from this and has not received any further communication from Cooks Source since Tuesday when this all started.

This is Monica Gaudio’s Live Journal Blog site where this all started.

Cooks Source Magazines facebook page has been flooded with visitors going from just over 100 “friends” to a total of almost 5000 as of this writing but apparently (not confirmed authentic) they have opened a new facebook page Cooks Source Mag in which they say that….

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And also on one of those comment page they say that they original page had been hacked and that the “previous regime had been removed”

But later in the thread as you see below, they are saying that they are only seeking a name change., I had read that Judith Griggs is not just the editor but also an owner, so if that is true I would doubt she would be going anywhere. But I also find it hard to believe that they will be seeking a name change, when it would be easier to issue a huge apology and try to use the attention they have brought upon themselves to do some good, though maybe it is too late for that.

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Also too one of the heroes in this mess is the 2nd Street Bakery Co. that quickly pulled their ads from Cooks Source Magazine and as you can see in this screen shot, they have been paid back in kindness also getting many more “likes” than they had or could hope for and people were wanting to send them cash, to which the small little business asked for them to donate to a foodbank or charity of their choice. but with all of the well wishers they have also asked that they want to put this behind them and instead of answering all the phone calls and e-mails they want to be able to run their business with out further disruption.

One of the main points Monica has wanted to be made clear is that she wanted all of the friends of hers to take the high road and not take this out on the advertisers of the magazine.

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As I said earlier what happens now, Does she file suit against Cooks Source? Will they be put out of business? What lessons will be learned? Will the interweb community rally behind a writer when this happens again?

Time will tell.


The new facebook site for Cooks Source it appears had been hacked if you look at this screen shot…

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Also I would like to direct you to a great piece written by Edward Champion, his blog piece

The Cooks Source Scandal: How a Magazine Profits on Theft