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50+47 The day the Bloggers and Writers fought back against Content Theft

Today I sat in front of my computer screen and was amazed at how quickly the twitter and face book community rallied behind the cause of a food blogger named Monica Gaudio that had content ripped off by a content stealing food site Cooks Source Magazine and the story went viral in moments and over 3000 people went to the mag or should I say rag to air their displeasure.

I will not go onto great detail here as I wrote about this in my other blog site Oshawa Ogre’s Views, News & BBQ’s go there and you get the background of the story.

I will however just offer some of my opinions on what happened today.

As I have found out in the past few months the food blogger community along with the BBQ community are second to none when it comes to respecting and helping each other, Our passion for what we do is huge and though we will not get rich from what we do we can be satisfied with the friendships and respect that we all have for one another.

People that we do not know personally but yet we know each others personalities and share in their dreams and ambitions, it is like one large support group and when one of us is hurt we rally around them, and that is what happened today.

2nd Street Baking Co. a small Bakery in Turners Falls, MA was an advertiser in that magazine and has done the right thing and pulled their ads from them even though they pre-paid and doubt that they will see any of that money returned. but their fans have increased a lot and they will be supported in new better ways. Click on the pictures below to see it full size, I know with my eyes I need to click.

Screen Shot of 2nd Street Bakery Co. facebook page announcing they were pulling ads

My message that I posted on their page along with some others

It was a good day for the little guy, we all combined into one huge voice and we were heard LOUD & PROUD